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Moc Chau organizes plum picking festival

SON LA – On May 22, visitors to Moc Chau can watch a fruit-picking contest, eat plums and visit some famous places.

Moc Chau organized a plum-picking festival for tourists and people in Na Ka valley, Pa Khen sub-area, Nong Truong town of Moc Chau on May 22. This is the time when plums come into the main crop, the fruits are laden with branches, very suitable for picking and eating right in the plum valleys .

Moc Chau organizes plum picking festival
Na Ka plum valley has many different garden houses for visitors to visit and pick plums. Plums are planted spanning hundreds of hectares connected to each other. Photo: Quang Kien

The festival takes place all day long and includes activities such as eating and picking fruit, presenting and enjoying the fruit, and honoring typical plum growers. Visitors can watch camping competitions, display ethnic cuisine and cultural programs, participate in folk games such as tug of war, and dragon hatching eggs; and participate directly in the game of going overseas, shooting crossbows, and throwing balls.

The program is an opportunity to introduce and promote the plum products of Moc Chau. The festival honors plum growers creates a reciprocal relationship between agricultural development and tourism and attracts tourists to Moc Chau. The amount of plums sold to customers on this occasion is expected to reach tens of tons.

Moc Chau plum is a famous big, crispy plum. Photo: Quang Kien

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