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Five locations in Da Lat to pick ripe persimmons

The persimmons in cafes and fruit gardens are at their best in the fall in Da Lat. Da Lat persimmons are grown mainly in wards 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 in the centre of Da Lat and the communes of Xuan Tho, Xuan Truong, and Ta Nung. Not only are the typical agricultural products of the foggy city, but persimmons gardens also attract tourists to Da Lat. In October, persimmons gardens and cafes planted with many trees attract tourists to visit, take pictures and experience harvesting persimmons in the garden. Mr Huu Phuc, owner of a coffee shop in Da Lat, suggests places with ripe persimmons on the tree visitors can visit in November.

Cafe Persimmon

Address: Hung Vuong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City

Before being converted into a coffee shop, this place was a persimmons garden with 100 ancient trees planted in 1987. Situated on a 5,000 square meter campus, the persimmons trees still stand today and draw tourists. Visit and pick fruit every fall. The persimmons garden is free; visitors only need to buy drinks at the cafe. Guests can also experience picking persimmons and trying them in the garden.

Cau Dat Garden

Address: Cau Dat Tea Hill

This location is about 27.5 km from Da Lat city centre, in Truong Tho village, Xuan Truong commune. The entrance charge for the persimmons garden here is 50,000 VND per person, and it is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is open to visitors to snap pictures and select ripe persimmons to carry home. After describing his experience harvesting persimmons, Mr. Huu Phuc advised selecting orange-yellow fruits. If you need help deciding which fruit to pick, you can call the staff at the garden for assistance. Visitors should not pick young fruits or break large branches, as this will damage the tree and ruin the garden's beauty.

Thai Long Persimmons Garden

Address: Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Da Lat City

This persimmons garden has an area of up to 40,000 m2 and is open to visitors for free. The persimmons are in their ripening stage and have not yet dropped significantly, according to the garden's owner. When November arrives, visitors will see persimmon trees brimming with fruit. The persimmons are then gathered and shed after this point. Picking and eating persimmons in the garden is permitted for guests. Ripe red persimmons and crisp yellow-skinned persimmons are among the fresh fruits available for purchase in different sections of the garden. The packaged product is wind-hanging persimmon.

Le Van Persimmons Garden

Address: Khe Sanh, Ward 10

From Da Lat centre, visitors travel less than 6 km to reach the garden. There is no admission cost to this persimmon garden, so guests are free to explore, snap pictures, and harvest. This location also has a wind-hanging persimmon factory, allowing visitors to visit and learn about each step in making the famous dried persimmon and wind-hanging persimmons in Da Lat.

Cafe Tui Mo To

Address: Sao Nam, Ward 11, Da Lat City

For youthful travellers to Da Lat, this is a familiar address. During the persimmon or cherry blossom seasons, this cafe is frequently packed. While there aren't as many persimmon trees as in the thousands of square meter fruit garden, these are situated high and provide a view of the greenhouse area close to the wooden house. Coffee shop staff shared that this year's persimmon season at the shop comes early from September, producing fewer fruits than in previous years. However, the shop creates an atmosphere of persimmon season by making strips of persimmon hanging in the wooden house, both for decoration and to make batches of fragrant, flexible wind-hanging persimmons. Because it is a coffee shop, tourists visiting to see the persimmons and take photos must buy drinks at the counter.

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