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Visitors enjoy the experience of cashless payment in Da Nang

Business shops in the An Thuong tourist area (Da Nang) deploy online payment to bring convenience to tourists when shopping.
In addition to creating new programs for visitors, Da Nang City is accelerating digital transformation in tourism to bring convenience and interesting experiences to visitors in the digital environment.

In Da Nang, An Thuong Street (My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district) is where many international tourists stay and visit. Business shops in this neighborhood have implemented online payment by scanning QR codes using e-wallets.
On the morning of July 27, after eating at a shop on Tran Bach Dang Street, Jonathan Jonny (a British tourist) took more than 30 seconds to scan the QR code to pay. Male tourists are delighted that paying online is more convenient and safer.

"When traveling, we rarely carry cash; all payments are scanned to ensure safety. Here, the stores apply the online payment to help me have a more convenient shopping experience," shared the male tourist.

Selling drinking water in the neighborhood, Ms. Dang Thi Ni Na said that her store had implemented online payment early. About 80% of shoppers scan QR codes to pay without using cash.

According to Ms. Na, payment in the digital environment brings convenience to both sellers and visitors.

"How much tourists buy will transfer the corresponding amount, we also save time having to change money like before, they also save money to spend. Many people who go sightseeing with cash are also afraid of robbery, but now just have a phone to shop comfortably," added Ms. Na.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan (business on Tran Bach Dang Street) shared paying money via scanning code is very fast; it takes about 3 seconds for the money to be transferred back to the seller's account. Many visitors also expressed interest when they had a more convenient, faster experience.

"There are many tourists who have finished eating and then realized they forgot to bring money when we instructed them to scan the code to complete the payment quickly. The digital conversion and payment time is very reasonable, "said Tuan.
Mr. Bach Ngoc Hai - Chairman of My An Ward People's Committee, said that the An Thuong tourist area has been interested in investing and upgrading urban infrastructure for tourism. Online payment is aimed at convenience for visitors and modernizing services.

According to Mr. Hai, more than 150 business households are now in the neighborhood. Previously, the ward had propagated to the people to implement the cashless street effectively. Currently, the ward is coordinating with related units to continue perfecting and aiming for 100% of business establishments in An Thuong tourist street to buy and sell with non-cash payment solutions.

To bring convenience to visitors, Da Nang City, Con Markets, Han Markets, Nguyen Van Linh Streets, etc., have also made online payments for shopping.

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