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Lo Lo Chai - Cultural and Tourism Village is as beautiful as a fairy tale in Vietnam

Lo Lo Chai - Cultural and Tourism Village, recognized in 2022, is described as beautiful as if it came from a fairy tale. Let's explore how this village at the country's beginning differs from other border villages!

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Recently, a series of photos about Lo Lo Chai Cultural and Tourism Village in Ha Giang by author Tuan Dao was re-posted by a fan page and attracted a lot of attention from the online community with thousands of likes, hearts and hundreds of comments of praise. "Lo Lo Chai village is located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, close to the northernmost point of Vietnam, about 1.5km from Lung Cu flagpole. In early 2022, Lo Lo Chai was recognized as a Cultural Village Tourism.

Amidst the majestic and vast mountains and forests, the image of a village hidden in the morning mist further adorns the scenery of this place. If you have time, you should stay one day at Lo Lo Chai to experience the life of the people here!" information from the page said.

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Only 1km from the Lung Cu flagpole, there is a cultural village known as a fairy village in Ha Giang

Some interesting comments from the online community: "Beautiful and peaceful"; "If you go to Ha Giang once, you want to go many, many more times. It's so beautiful. Ps: One person went to Ha Giang 4 times and said it was good"; "In the future, when I have no more burden, I also want to return to a place like this. Live a peaceful life!"; "Lo Lo Chai Village, been there before and very beautiful"; "I'm here, I don't want to go back"...

At the same time, the topic of discussion about Lo Lo Chai Cultural and Tourism Village arose on the Check in Vietnam forum; there was also a member sharing a set of photos about this place, that is, FB Mai Phuong Thao with a set of extremely romantic couple photos taken in this village. This young person compares this place to a "fairy tale village": "Lo Lo Chai - A small village at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole. Lo Lo Chai gives me the feeling of being lost in an old movie with its fairy-tale houses. , a typical stone wall of the Lo Lo people. It is no exaggeration that people call this a fairy tale village at the beginning of the Fatherland. Lo Lo Chai has a rare, peaceful beauty and rich national identity. The sunshine, the peach blossoms blooming a few small buds, combined with the cold air, I felt like I was separate from the world out there, completely in love with this place."

And once again, the images of Lo Lo Chai received thousands of likes and hearts along with hundreds of comments admiring: "Wow, really beautiful", "Excellent", "Wait for a little while the plum and peach blossom season will be even more beautiful"; "Wow. That time, I only had time to visit the northernmost coffee shop"; "North Pole Coffee mixed with Bac Xiu coffee is super delicious. Drink it, and you'll be addicted."

True to the opinion of a member above, Lo Lo Chai Cultural and Tourism Village is not only beautiful during the cloud hunting season at the end of the year but will also be brilliantly beautiful in the spring when plum and peach blossoms bloom.


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