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Vo Doi Forest Village – an attractive destination for tourists in Ca Mau to learn the history and admire the natural scenery

Visiting Vo Doi forest village in Ca Mau, visitors will be able to go back in time to learn about the history as well as admire the beautiful natural scenery and diverse flora and fauna here.

Where are the coordinates of Vo Doi forest village in Ca Mau? 

Vo Doi Forest Village is located in Vo Doi Hamlet, Tran Hoi Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau . This is a national forest inside the world biosphere reserve at Cape Ca Mau. During the period from 1958 to 1960 in Ca Mau, there was a model of a special war and Vo Doi was a model of a forest village associated with historical events of the nation. Currently, Vo Doi National Forest is located within the population of U Minh forest and is recognized as a National Historic Site. 

To see the most beautiful scenery in Vo Doi National Forest, you should go from April to November. This is the rainy season in Ca Mau, the water is high, suitable for traveling by boat. So, when you go at this time, you will be able to take a boat to admire the beautiful scenery and explore the diverse flora and fauna here. 

The dry season from December to April next year is suitable to explore Vo Doi forest village by walking and backpacking. Because at this time, the water in the shallow forest is suitable for traveling by car. If you are a person who likes to experience and explore, you can ride a motorbike to see the beautiful scenery here.

Vo Doi National Forest seen from above is beautiful and majestic

How to move to Vo Doi forest village 

You have many different ways to move to Vo Doi forest village in Ca Mau . Can be referenced below: 

– Airplane : Ca Mau airport is about 30km from Vo Doi National Forest, the most convenient way you can go by taxi or motorbike along Ngo Quyen and Vo Van Kiet streets about 40 minutes to arrive. With this way, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery of Ca Mau from the car. 

– City Center. Ca Mau : For those of you traveling by bus or private vehicle, you can go from the city center. The fastest moving route is Ngo Quyen – Khanh An. Travel time is about 40 – 60 minutes. 

For those of you in the neighboring provinces who want to go to Vo Doi National Forest, you can take a bus or motorbike to Ca Mau and follow the instructions above to reach the village of Vo Doi Ca Mau .

Vo Doi Forest Village – an attractive destination for tourists in Ca Mau to learn the history and admire the natural scenery
See the beautiful scenery of Vo Bat forest by boat

What’s interesting about exploring Vo Doi forest village in Ca Mau? 

Visiting Vo Doi forest village, you will learn about the heroic years of the nation’s history during the resistance war against the US. Around this time in Ca Mau appeared a model of forest village war and the most typical was Vo Doi forest in U Minh Ha National Park .

Admire the beautiful scenery in Vo Doi forest village

Vo Doi National Forest was built connecting the villages of Khanh Binh Tay and Khanh Binh Dong. Beneath the forest village are houses on stilts, warehouses, and camouflaged schools. The forest village is also the place where the leaders and soldiers operate secretly. 

Diverse ecosystem in Vo Doi forest village

Exploring the Ca Mau Vo Doi forest village , visitors can also admire the mysterious beauty that nature has bestowed on this place. Currently, there are hundreds of species of plants and animals living in the forest village, including forest trees with a lifespan of up to tens of years and are of interest to scientific researchers. In the forest village, there are also rare species of birds living, including herons, lotus birds, crows and wild animals such as monkeys, deer, deer, cobras, iguanas, wild boars.

See the lush and rich ecosystem in the forest village

In addition to the diverse ecosystem, the area at the foot of the forest is also home to fish species such as: thick fish, goby, goby fish, catfish, perch… These are freshwater fish and also fish species. is a famous specialty in Ca Mau. 

The forest village is home to many rare bird species

Let’s learn about the diverse ecosystem in the forest village

Special dishes in Vo Doi forest village

Visiting Vo Doi forest village , visitors can not only admire the beautiful scenery, but also enjoy a lot of delicious specialties such as: 

– Wild honey : U Minh forest honey is famous for its dark yellow color and blend, with characteristic flavor of wildflowers. You can enjoy beeswax, honey or beeswax which are processed into many delicious dishes. So, when you have the opportunity to visit Vo Doi, please enjoy and feel. 

– Grilled snakehead fish : Fish is caught from a lake in the forest and processed in a Western style. Can be grilled directly on the straw or grilled. The fish is chewy and delicious and served with raw vegetables dipped in salt, chili, and lemon with unmatched deliciousness. 

– Eel with noni leaves : A famous dish in Vo Doi forest is prepared according to the recipe of the Dat Mui people. What makes the attractiveness of eel meat with noni leaves is the soft, sweet and not fishy meat combined with delicious noni leaves.

Enjoy grilled snakehead fish specialties in Vo Doi forest village

Vo Doi Forest Village is an ideal destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to travel to Ca Mau . Hopefully the information shared above will help you have fun and visit many interesting experiences.

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