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Back to Pu Luong embrace the scenery of green mountains and blue water

The road to Pu Luong is not too difficult as the road in the Northwest, the scenery on both sides of the road is beautiful with the mountainous terrain, the green color of primeval forests, and rice fields.

Located about 95km northwest of Tho Xuan airport (Thanh Hoa province), Pu Luong nature reserve located in two districts of Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa does not disappoint. The scenery here makes a strong impression with primeval forests, terraced fields covered with hills and mountains, cool and pleasant climate all year round.

In recent years, Pu Luong has been mentioned as a “phenomenon” of tourism in Thanh Hoa province: the wonderful scenery captivates people’s hearts, the mountain system embraces the Don, Leo, and Hieu… primeval forests, waterfalls, caves, terraced fields, and dense clouds around the mountainside.

This place is also home to the Thai (black) and Muong ethnic communities. In addition to relaxation, you can also enjoy specialties such as lam rice, ancient duck, bitter bamboo shoots, grilled stream fish … and bold local activities of the people.

Beautiful scenery on the way to Pu Luong, the mountains are full of green eyes

At the end of May and mid-June, this is the season of water pouring, the beginning of a new crop, so all the terraced fields are the green color of rice.

And the end of September to mid-October is the season that can be said to be the most beautiful of the year in Pu Luong, the terraced fields put on a brilliant yellow shirt, a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Come to Pu Luong to have fun and forget the way back

Ban Don, and Ban Leo can be said to be the two central villages when you visit Pu Luong. Here there are resorts with beautiful scenery from the table, “genuine” view with green terraces, and in the distance is Pu Luong peak – the highest mountain here.

Back to Pu Luong embrace the scenery of green mountains and blue water

Pu Luong Resort – Luna is carefully cared for by the owners, every corner of the house, branches and grasses…

From the property, you can borrow bicycles or motorbikes for a walk around Don and Leo villages. You remember to charge the battery, and clean the phone hard drive, because there are too many “check-in” places for you to “live virtual” and forget the way back.

Many resorts have a “divine” view in the center of Don village – the “heart” of Pu Luong

Kho Muong Cave (Bat Cave) is located in Pu Luong Nature Reserve (Thanh Hoa) – a destination not to be missed when coming here, evoking the feeling of a peaceful, majestic and mysterious land waiting for you. you discover

Beautiful nature around Hieu waterfall (Lung Co commune, Ba Thuoc district)

Visiting and enjoying green tea at the 60-year-old Thai house on stilts (black) in Leo village

Pu Luong still retains its own scenery and identity. During the trip, I did not see plastic bottles scattered here, the village roads were quite clean. I hope that no matter how strongly tourism develops in the future, please keep Pu Luong’s own and original identity.

Leaving Pu Luong, I feel like I am fully charged with positive energy, I will definitely return one day soon. As for you, if you are looking for a place to recharge after a lot of work and stuffiness in the city, then Pu Luong is the place you should go!

Visiting the ancient citadel of Lam Kinh – more proud of Vietnamese history

From Tho Xuan airport (Thanh Hoa province) to Pu Luong, you remember to visit the special historical site Lam Kinh (Tho Xuan district) located on the road, nearly 30km from Tho Xuan airport.

Lam Kinh relic site covers an area of ​​about 200 hectares, with many architectural works that have existed for hundreds of years from the Later Le Dynasty (the birthplace of the national hero Le Loi who raised the flag of rebellion against the famous Ming invaders). 15th century exploits).

Ancient well – green well water all year round provides water for Lam Kinh power

To the right of the dragon yard, there is a hundred-year-old banyan tree, tens of people hugging

If you want to participate in the Lam Kinh festival, you come here on two days 21 (Le Lai’s death anniversary) and 22 (Le Loi’s death anniversary) of the eighth lunar month every year, together with people in the region hold a ceremony to commemorate the merits of the ancestors. ancestor

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