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What does Thanh Xuan District have to do that young person in Ha Thanh keep coming here every weekend?

What does Thanh Xuan district have to do with many first-time visitors to Hanoi? Let’s refer to a series of attractive destinations in the Thanh Xuan district to have more options for your experiences in Ha Thanh.

What is Thanh Xuan District playing? The coordinates are loved by young people 

1. Royal City  

If you ask local residents what Thanh Xuan district has to offer, the answer is mostly Royal City shopping center at 72A Nguyen Trai. This is a huge-scale underground commercial and entertainment complex in the center of the Hanoi capital , attracting a large number of tourists and regular residents. 

What does Thanh Xuan District have to do that young person in Ha Thanh keep coming here every weekend?
Royal City Mall is a favorite spot in the Thanh Xuan district. Photo: @oaey_slv

What’s attractive about Royal City? First of all, the luxurious and impressive beauty of this commercial center. Designed in European style, Royal City brings a majestic and splendid impression in the welcome gate area. Just go to the gate, you can stand in and take some beautiful check-in photos. 

European-style space in Royal City. Photo: @laryyang

However, is it possible to go to Royal City just to take a few photos and then return? While inside this commercial center there are many amusement parks, entertainment, shopping, … waiting for you to bombard. Like shopping, you can explore all kinds of fashion, cosmetics, home appliances, … of big and small brands. Likes to eat and drink, there are restaurants and coffee shops with extremely diverse menus. 

Here there are many entertainment services, attractive cuisine. Photo: @abcdefg__ijklmnopqr__tuvwxyz

When shopping, dining comfortably, visitors can also experience exciting fun activities such as skating, bowling, playing games or watching movies at CGV. There are many interesting games waiting for you to experience. In addition, in Royal City, there are art activities and performances held regularly, bringing you many new things. 

VCCA Contemporary Art Center is a place where you can enjoy virtual living. Photo: @dzimnguyen

In particular, in the Royal City commercial center, there is also the Vincom VCCA Contemporary Art Center. This place is a space to display unique artworks, a source of creativity for young people. Not to mention, VCCA is decorated with impressive beauty, where you will get a series of beautiful check-in photos when you visit. 

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2. Thanh Xuan Park

One of the fun places in Thanh Xuan district that are loved by many young people is Thanh Xuan park and Nhan Chinh lake. This is a large park in Thanh Xuan and Cau Giay districts, with a total area of ​​up to 13.2 hectares, including many important items. 

Thanh Xuan Park is large, green and beautiful. Photo: @quinni.92

This entire project is divided into 3 main areas. In which, Nhan Chinh lake is 8ha wide, green park area for recreation, sports, entertainment, promenade, the outdoor campus is 5.2ha wide. Finally, there is the area for the operator and other public buildings, serving cultural events, festivals, etc.  

You can come here to have fun, breathe in the fresh and peaceful air. Photo: @shineneeeiii

Like many other beautiful parks in Hanoi , Thanh Xuan Park owns a cool and spacious space. Thanks to the lake, the space here is clear and comfortable. There are also many green trees and flower gardens that are intelligently planned, creating a beautiful and lively landscape. 

An ideal destination for both adults and children. Photo: @umilot1909

In addition, in Thanh Xuan Park, there are fountains and walking paths winding around the lake so that visitors can take a walk and breathe in the fresh air. If you don’t know what Thanh Xuan district has to offer, try coming here, this place is suitable for adults, children, local residents to tourists.

3. Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro  

What’s there to do in Thanh Xuan district besides shopping centers and parks? Another suggestion for you is a rooftop coffee called Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro. This rooftop cafe is located on the 26th floor, 1st Nguyen Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district. 

Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro is a very nice terrace cafe. Photo: @bobrother_

If you are a person who likes to admire the scenery, love virtual life, these is exactly the coordinates not to be missed. The terrace cafe space is decorated in a simple, gentle and romantic style. Coming here, you have the feeling of washing away all your worries to enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation. 

Warm Christmas atmosphere at Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro. Photo: @himawari235

At Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro, tables and chairs are arranged scientifically, along the glass walls so you can see the city and pose for virtual photos. To make the space more beautiful, the restaurant also designed a swimming pool in the middle. Therefore, checking in these coordinates, you feel like you are on vacation. 

Just sit in and have a real virtual live photo right away. Photo: @hothuytieen

As a young person who loves to play, if you do not know where Thanh Xuan district plays , you should visit this rooftop cafe once. Here is a great place to see the city from above, admire the line of cars, enjoy the shimmering scenery when the city lights up. 

The restaurant also has a luxuriously designed swimming pool. Photo: @elen_sky_

Not to mention, Trill is also an ideal space for you to produce a series of beautiful virtual check-in photos. On occasions like Christmas, holidays, Tet, etc., the shop also flexibly changes the decoration concept, bringing a variety of beautiful angles for diners to visit. All you have to do is dress up nicely, let the shop take care of the rest. 

Coming to Thanh Xuan district, you cannot ignore Trill Rooftop Cafe & Bistro. Photo: @banana_tea.river

Above are 3 suggestions for young people who are wondering what to do in Thanh Xuan district. Depending on your preferences, you choose the appropriate coordinates to check-in, experience interesting activities in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi capital. 

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