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The sunshine came back and filled the streets of Hanoi on the 29th of Tet

Capital streets become more colorful than ever on a day before Tet filled with flowers and sunshine.

The sunshine came back and filled the streets of Hanoi on the 29th of Tet

Recorded at Hang Luoc flower market, one of the most traditional flower markets in Hanoi this morning (February 10), the number of people flocking to this area to shop and enjoy is quite crowded. 

After a cold rainy day, the weather this morning is warm and sunny, the temperature is about 21 degrees C quite pleasant, making the colorful flower street more sparkling, and the customers going to the market are also happier.

Cherry blossoms are sold along Hang Luoc flower street, the red color is more prominent because the warm weather makes flowers bloom. This year’s cherry blossom price is said to be more pleasant than previous years due to favorable weather.

A visitor went to Hang Luoc flower market with peach branches fading like they just bought.

In addition to the two traditional flowers, peach and kumquat, this year’s flower market is also full of other typical New Year flowers such as chrysanthemum, gerbera, tulips, dandelion, dahlia …

People can also buy other decorative items that contribute to the color of the Tet atmosphere on Hang Ma Street.

Many young children are also brought to the flower market area by parents to visit and enjoy the traditional Tet market atmosphere of the capital.

In the area of ​​Quang Ba market (Tay Ho), the number of people pouring out to shop for flowers is equally crowded when this is considered the wholesale flower market of Hanoi.

As recorded by PV at about 12 noon this day, this area is still crowded with buyers and sellers, there are many kinds of flowers sold here so that people can choose to buy to play Tet.

Cars selling and carrying flowers also appear on the streets of the capital, Tet atmosphere is coming closer to the people than ever.

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