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Ba Vi Travel Guide 2022 from A-Z: accommodation, dining, specialties… the latest

Ba Vi is a district in the semi-mountainous region, located to the northwest of the Hanoi capital. It borders Son Tay town to the east, Hoa Binh province to the south, Phu Tho province to the west, and Vinh Phuc province to the north. Ba Vi is endowed with charming natural landscapes with a rich ecosystem. The diverse terrain includes mountains, forests, waterfalls, streams, rivers, lakes, and famous scenic spots.

What beautiful season is Ba Vi?

From April to October, Ba Vi becomes an ideal “escape from the heat” when the summer sun is hotter. From October to November is the season of wild sunflowers blooming along the roads.


Tourists travel by private car going straight to Thang Long Boulevard, Lang – Hoa Lac, Yen Bai to Thien Son Suoi Nga. Another route many people choose is via Highway 32. Travel time is about an hour. If you take the bus, you choose bus 74 My Dinh – Xuan Khanh and route 71 My Dinh – Son Tay bus station, at the end, transfer to bus 110 to Ba Vi National Park.

Where to play?

Ba Vi National Park

With an area of ​​​​nearly 11,000 hectares, Ba Vi National Park is considered the “green lung” west of Hanoi capital. In the national park, there are attractions such as an abandoned old church, covered with mysterious moss, or a cactus greenhouse.

Ba Vi National Park seen from above. Photo: Phong Vinh

Like Da Lat , Sa Pa or Tam Dao , the French built in Ba Vi many resort villas at 400, 600 and 1,000. The only difference is that they have been destroyed by the ups and downs of time and the contemporaries. Therefore, visitors will be amazed at the architectural foundations from hundreds of years before going deep into the forest. The resorts, the stoves, and the walls, all covered with forest trees and mountain dew.

At 600, the colonel’s residence is a typical work of French architecture in Ba Vi, which is still quite intact. This place has a barbed wire fence, surrounding stone wall, more than 2 m high, 0.5 m thick and a number of medium machine gun emplacements.

French vestiges are left in the national park. Photo: Phong Vinh

Going up a bit is the summer camp for the children of the French and the colonial government officials, including 4 level 4 houses built solidly of stone. Situated in the middle of a natural forest with many large tree species such as oak, chestnut, eggplant, etc., there are hanging orchids creating a poetic and magical scene, attracting tourists to visit and explore. to take a photo.

Ba Vi Travel Guide 2022 from A-Z: accommodation, dining, specialties… the latest
Ba Vi Church. Photo: Huong Chi

The church is located at an altitude of 800 m, in the middle of the old forest canopy. Abandoned for many years, the roof of the church is no longer there, leaving the murky church among the overgrown trees.

On the wall, the cross is covered with a nostalgic color, reflecting the silver afternoon sunlight through the window. Here, the dew is always lurking, sometimes swooping down to cover the cathedral. The green color of moss, the gray color of mold, the silver color of the fog create a fanciful space.

At core 800, the French also built an orphanage with typical doorways and domes. It is the desolate ruins left behind with the layer of lichen covering each cliff, the interstitial wall, adding the ancient moss to the works here.

Especially, at an altitude of 1,000-1,100 m on the western slope of Tan Vien peak is a system of secret political prisons built solidly to imprison revolutionary soldiers. The prison is arranged into 3 zones: zone 1 is a place for prison guards; Zones 2 and 3 are places to keep prisoners. With a total of nearly 1,000 m2, the prison system in Ba Vi can hold 100-200 prisoners.

French villas are only ruins.

Visitors can also challenge themselves by climbing 500 steps to the top of the mountain to visit Thuong Temple . This is the place to worship the Holy Spirit of Tan Vien Son Tinh mountain. In addition, Ba Vi also has attractions such as President Ho Chi Minh’s Temple, Ngoc Hoa cave, French military area…

Cactus garden in the greenhouse in Ba Vi National Park. Photo: Nguyen Duy

If you do not ride to the top of the mountain, the trekking to explore Ba Vi forest lasts 2-4 hours suitable for those who like gentle trekking . The path leads through trails through dense primeval forest, or soaring bamboo forest. The easiest route starts at core 600 and goes down to level 300, lasting more than 2 hours. Guests can also cycle to explore the forest via several concrete routes.

Khoang Xanh – Fairy Stream

Khoang Xanh is located on the eastern slope of Ba Vi mountain, in an area with primeval forest, and belongs to the Ba Vi national park population. Khoang Xanh has many primeval forests and over 2 km of natural streams. In the summer, beautiful waterfalls such as Mo waterfall, Hoa waterfall, Tran waterfall, Mam Xoi waterfall… pour down from the mountain day and night. In addition to natural streams and forests, Khoang Xanh has many other man-made areas such as: water park, mineral bath, play area for both children and adults, hot mineral mud…

King Pond

King pond is located at the foot of Tan Vien mountain, in Bat Dam village, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district. King Pond is a small pond, but the four seasons are full of water. Legend has it that the water in the King’s pond was originally raised by “King of water” or Thuy Tinh to fight Son Tinh. This place also has Mui Sword well, associated with the legend of Son Tinh putting his sword into the mountain for soldiers to dig wells to get water when fighting Thuy Tinh. Currently, Ao Vua is being developed into a tourist area, with a space for relaxation, entertainment, a water park with experiences of climbing, wading, boating…

Thien Son – Suoi Nga

Located at the foot of Tan Linh mountain, the tourist area has a landscape of forests, lakes, streams, waterfalls and entertainment services, divided into three areas: Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son. Visitors should bring camping gear, tables and chairs, sit by the stream or walk in the green forest in Ha Son.

Up to Trung Son, visitors can stay in a stilt house and dine at a specialty restaurant with roasted chicken, stream fish, grilled meat… Coming to Ngoan Son area, visitors will see Gate Troi waterfall at an altitude of more than 60 m. poured down the mountainside to form a natural swimming pool 1.5-2 m deep.

Visitors who like to bathe in streams need to wear life jackets, and pay attention to safety if they can’t swim. Because the experience in Thien Son – Suoi Nga is close to nature, visitors should apply insect repellent, observe to avoid snakes, centipedes… Address in Van Hoa, Ba Vi, Hanoi. The entrance ticket is 150,000 VND one time.

Bang Ta Forest

Bang Ta Forest is located in Cam Linh commune, Ba Vi district, about 65 km west of Hanoi city center. This nature reserve is nearly 27 hectares wide, with forests, lakes, lawns… and many species of wild animals such as monkeys, deer, wild boar. Primary forest is exploited for tourism, with Dam Long – Bang Ta tourist area.

Dong Mo

Dong Mo tourist area includes a lake of about 200 hectares at the foot of Ba Vi mountain, with resorts scattered on islands, golf courses…

According to legend, Dong Mo Lake is the place where the battle for Princess Mi Nuong took place between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh. In the battle, Thuy Tinh brought the water to rise, Son Tinh cast a spell to raise the mountain there. Finally, Thuy Tinh gave in, the vast lake remaining until now is the result of the old war.

Sunset on Dong Mo lake. Photo: Kieu Duong

Visitors who want to go to this place can rent a tourist car or drive themselves. If you follow Thang Long Avenue, turn right onto Highway 21, and go straight until there is a sign to turn left into the Dong Mo tourist area.

If you follow Highway 32, when you come to the intersection with Chua Thong street, Son Tay town, turn left. Continue going to Military Hospital 105 to turn onto Highway 21, go straight until you see a sign introducing the Dong Mo tourist area. Tickets to enter the day cost 80,000 VND one way. Renting an overnight camping tent from about 250,000 VND, depending on the number of people.

Cultural Village – Tourism of Vietnam ‘s Ethnic Groups

As part of Dong Mo tourist area, the village has a total area of ​​1544 hectares, including 7 areas: Office management and administration area, General tourist service area, Cultural and entertainment center area, Park area. Marina park, Dong Mo lake water surface green area, World cultural heritage area and Ethnic villages area.

Coming here, visitors will learn about the cultural space with traditional stilt houses, enjoy ethnic cuisine, and experience hands-on experiences with ethnic communities through activities such as cooking, folk games, and communication. save art… You should contact to consult the activities and events of the cultural village before coming.

The Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. The entrance fee is 30,000 VND for adults, 10,000 VND for students and 5,000 VND for students. Children under 6 years old or under 1.2m in height are free of charge.

To come here, from Hanoi, visitors go straight in the direction of Thang Long Boulevard for about 36 km until they see the signboard “Village of Culture – Tourism of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups”. At the roundabout, take the first exit to arrive. Address at Dong Mo tourist area, Son Tay, Hanoi.

Son Tinh Camp

The campsite is located in the Dong Mo tourist area, located in Muong Con village, Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district. The terrain is diverse from hills, valleys and large lawns to organize outdoor activities such as team building, family games. Here, visitors can organize camping, BBQ party, cycling, climbing, playing at the swimming pool…

Admission for the day is 60,000 VND for adults, 30,000 children 3 – 10 years old. Overnight stay, adult ticket is 110,000 VND and children 60,000 VND. In addition, rental camps cost from 200,000 to 800,000 VND, from 2 people to 10 people. There are also family-friendly cottages, priced from 800,000 VND per night. Visitors can bring food, and rent a grill or book a campsite to prepare, from 150,000 VND per person.

From the center of Hanoi, visitors go by private vehicle along Thang Long Boulevard (there are 2 separate roads for motorbikes and cars). After going straight for about 55 km, visitors will see a signpost to turn left onto Van Hoa street, go straight about 500 m to the campsite.

Ban Xoi Valley

Right near Dong Mo is Ban Xoi valley surrounded by green hills and lakes, with a cool year-round climate. Ban Xoi Lake was formed from water geysers on the Ba Vi range over 11ha wide.

Photo: Tourist area

Coming here, visitors can enjoy the fresh living space of nature and enjoy many local dishes such as earthen chicken, braised catfish with banana and beans, rice lam with salt and sesame…

This place has high-class accommodation services, campsites, children’s play areas and experiences zipline, kayaking… Address Chong village, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi. Admission is 80,000 VND per adult, 50,000 VND per child.


Some farms that welcome visitors to experience farm life are Ba Vi Country Farm, Detrang Farm… In, Detrang Farm is about 12 hectares wide with goats, horses, camels, ostriches.. Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in nature under many green trees, experience feeding animals, milking goats or do folk activities such as jumping stalls, making floating cakes, making pottery…

Experience feeding animals on the farm. Photo: Rice Cake

The glamping campground in the middle of the meadow caters to guests for lunch breaks or overnight stays. The campsite rents out a grill, prepares food so that you can organize an outdoor party and make a campfire. There will be live music performances on weekends. The tents here are set up, Mongolian style, with air cushions and pillows suitable for 2-4 people to rest. Address Ke Moi village, Ba Vi, Hanoi. Admission is 120,000 VND per person, free for children under 90 cm.

Ho Tien Sa

Tien Sa Lake tourist area is located at the foot of Tan Vien mountain, charming landscape. You can sit fishing, relax at a floating house on the lake or rent a pontoon boat to enjoy the scenery. There is also a water park here; Speedboats serve tourists to windsurf and visit around the lake.

In addition, Ba Vi also has Thac Da eco-tourism area, Tan Da tourist area, Suoi Hai lake… suitable for weekend vacations.

Eat what

Ba Vi goat meat is low in fat, tender and sweet. Yellowed and marinated with basil leaves, chrysanthemum …, goat meat can be processed into many dishes such as lemongrass, grilled, stir-fried, steamed, drained or stewed in wine. To make the dish more delicious, visitors can dip it with soy sauce, serve it with bamboo rice, fried vegetables of Ba Vi. Suggested addresses to enjoy mountain goats are Ba Vi culinary garden restaurant on Yen Bai – Ba Vi – Hanoi highway, La Co restaurant in Tan Linh commune.

Ostrich meat becomes Ba Vi’s specialty when many livestock farms are raised. Hunting meat, sweet taste, softer than beef and has a high nutritional content. Guests can enjoy dishes from ostrich such as gizzard hot pot, fried meat rolls or pork rolls. Some suggested addresses are Oanh Tham restaurant, in Tan Linh market, on the way to Da Chong. In addition, visitors can also buy fresh ostrich ham and meat as gifts for about 270,000 VND per kilogram. To avoid buying fake meat, you should go to Lieu Quan fresh food store, Van Hoa commune.

Whole grilled chicken. Photo: Bui Thuy

Hill chickens in Ba Vi are mainly sugarcane hybrid chickens, weighing about 2 kg. Feeded with soybeans, corn and fish oil…, the curry chicken here offers lean meat and chewy skin. Chicken is often cooked as whole, roasted with charcoal, boiled, roasted with chili peppers, onion salad… Some suggested places to enjoy this dish are Huong Viet country cuisine restaurant, and Moc garden restaurant. Yen Bai commune.

Banh tet in Phu Nhi village is one of the specialties that tourists should not ignore. With a smooth, fragrant cake and filled with meat, wood ear, this dish is also suitable to buy as a gift. The cake is more delicious when dipped with lemon and chili fish sauce. This cake is sold at most restaurants or attractions in Ba Vi for about 8,000 VND each.

Dairy specialties: Ba Vi is considered “the land of white milk” because there are many farms raising cows and goats for milk. In addition to fresh milk, milk cake, yogurt or caramel are the favorite dishes of many diners. On the route to visit the relics, visitors will encounter many milk shops. Fresh milk can be given as a gift, but it can only be refrigerated for about 3 days.


Accommodation services in Ba Vi are quite developed, giving visitors many options from affordable to high-class. Most of the eco-tourism areas and farms provide accommodation services for about 400,000 VND.

If staying in the national park, the suggestion for visitors is Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat built on the remnants of French ruins at 600, for about 4,000,000 VND per night; Ba Vi Resort is located on the 400 base. The 400 core area also has a camping space in the middle of the pine forest.

Other resorts you can refer to are Tan Da Spa Resort, Family Resort, Paragon Resort, Bavi Annam Garden, Madela Ba Vi – House by the stream… priced at about 1,000,000 VND per night.

The infinity pool in a resort in Ba Vi National Park is open to guests to experience. Photo: Phong Vinh

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