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Grapefruit night market

HA TINH – Market is located in Huong Khe town, selling Phuc Trach pomelo, bustling from 19:00 to 22:00 every day.

The night market is arranged in an empty lot of more than 4,000 m2 in Huong Khe town, located on National Highway 15A, bustling from 19h to 22 every day. People spread a large canvas on the ground on an area of ​​4-6 m2, then put pomelos on top to invite customers to buy.

On average, about 500-700 people per night, including gardeners, traders, and locals, participate in buying and selling pomelos.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lan, resident of Loc Yen commune, Huong Khe district, said that her family planted 8 Sao. For two weeks now, the children alternately help their mother pick pomelos, pack them and then drive motorbikes to the market. get 500 fruits.

“In previous years, I sold nearly 1,000 fruits every night. This year, due to the impact of Covid-19, many provinces had social distancing, and the transportation cost increased, so many traders were not interested in purchasing. This case I sold. to remove wages and fertilizers, but there is almost no profit,” said Ms. Lan.

Many families put pomelos in the cart, tie a bamboo pole on the side of the car, and then hang electric lights to brighten the space for guests to easily observe. They mobilize 2-3 members to participate in the sale.

According to people, succulent pomelo, crispy shrimp, sweet and sour taste, is considered a precious specialty, in addition to buying and eating, it is also a gift.

The price of pomelo ranges from 7,000-25,000 VND per fruit depending on the type, halving compared to previous years.

A small trader forgot to bring his notebook and computer with a flashlight, took a pen to write the numbers in his hand to calculate the total amount of pomelo bought by a gardener.

Mr. Nguyen Tong Dai, 66 years old, residing in Huong Khe town, every day with his wife sews bags, brings them to the market to sell to people and traders containing pomelos.

“A sack costs from 3,000-6,000 VND, can hold 30-50 fruits. Every night I sell about 200 sacks of pomelo,” said Dai.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (right corner) is helping a small trader after closing the transaction of 50 pomelos. According to him, this case can only be sold to traders in the province, long-time business contacts in Nghe An and Quang Binh could not come to buy it because of the social distancing order.

“I have sold more than 1,000 fruits, and about 3,000 fruits are expected to be consumed by the end of the month.

In previous years, people gathered hundreds of pomelo skins and brought them to Huong Pho Station, about 500 meters from the night market, to send freight trains to the provinces. Now due to Covid-19, the ship does not carry, only a few trucks are licensed to operate to carry agricultural products. It is estimated that tens of thousands of fruits are sold a night.

“In the past, a pack of pomelos weighing 60-70 kg cost about 60,000 VND for shipping, now the fee has doubled, making many people not interested in buying pomelos to sell to the provinces for fear of losses,” a small trader said. .

In addition to selling directly, many people take pictures of pomelos and post them on social networks to advertise and sell to earn more customers.

These days are the main harvest of Phuc Trach pomelo. In gardens in the Huong Khe district, when the fruit is ripe, people wrap it in plastic bags to protect it and wait for the high price to sell.

Phuc Trach pomelo is the key economic development tree of Huong Khe district. In 2021, the area has 2,700 hectares, the output in 2021 is about 21,000 tons. The districts that grow a lot include Huong Trach, Phuc Trach, Loc Yen…

From the end of August until now, every day from 14:00 to 18:00, people pick pomelos and put them in sacks, and drive motorbikes to gather at the night market.

In addition to the traditional trading channel, at the beginning of August, Ha Tinh province coordinated with the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and e-commerce platforms to build Phuc Trach pomelo stalls to remove difficulties. output difficulties for the people.

Grapefruit picked from the garden will be gathered in one place, the owner mobilizes human resources to sort, box and deliver to the e-commerce platform to deliver to customers. It is expected that by the end of the season, the floors will consume about 700-1,000 tons.

Production facilities, cooperatives, and shops selling Phuc Trach pomelos are allowed by Ha Tinh province to put geographical indication stamps on the fruit to affirm the brand. Stamps issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology), integrated with QR codes for product traceability…Follow vnexpress

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