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A review of the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong makes people fall in love

Discover Binh Duong cuisine besides specialty dishes, you can also change your taste with pure and healthy vegetarian dishes. Check out the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong below.

Review of the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong

Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong that are loved by many travelers: 

1. Bean Family Vegetarian Cuisine

– Address: No. 38 D1 Street, Phu Hoa 1 Residential Area, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 6am – 10pm

– Contact: (027) 43 844 554 or 0899 338 068

The first is the Bean Family vegetarian cuisine in Thu Dau Mot, a familiar address for many tourists and locals here. The plus point of this vegetarian restaurant is that it has its own clean vegetable farm to serve the needs of the restaurant. Therefore, when enjoying vegetarian dishes at Bean Family, you are completely assured of the quality of food origin. 

A review of the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong makes people fall in love
Bean Family Vegetarian Cuisine

Coming to Bean Family, you will enjoy a buffet with vegetarian dishes of all kinds such as: Tofu, vegetarian meat, stir-fried vegetables, soup, cakes and desserts. Luxurious space, clearly sourced food and enthusiastic staff are the plus points of this delicious vegetarian restaurant in Thu Dau Mot Binh Duong that you should not miss.   

Bean Family vegetarian cuisine serving buffet

2. Vegetarian restaurant Tau Hu Pho 

– Address: No. 02, Ly Thuong Kiet, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 7am – 9pm

– Contact: 0274 3855 749

Referring to the best vegetarian restaurants in Binh Duong, it is impossible to ignore Tau Hu Pho restaurant on Ly Thuong Kiet street, Thu Dau Mot. Initially, the owner served tofu dishes, then expanded to serve vegetarian dishes and was loved by many tourists. The restaurant has a luxurious and peaceful space design. Therefore, when you come to Tau Hu Pho restaurant, you will enjoy a lot of delicious food and relax with the tranquil scene here. 

Tau Hu Pho Vegetarian Restaurant has a luxurious space

The menu of delicious vegetarian dishes at Tau Hu Pho restaurant must include: Tam Tam Tofu, Grilled Mushrooms, Vegetarian Bean Sauce Hot Pot, Tau Hu Pho udon… The taste is marinated with fragrant lemongrass and served with a typical spicy and sour dipping sauce. All dishes at the restaurant are made from frugal and healthy vegetables. When enjoying dishes at Tau Hu Pho restaurant, you can order more tofu ky, mixed vegetables, fried wontons to serve. Especially, the dipping sauce at the restaurant has Chao and bean paste which is loved by many diners.

The menu at the vegetarian restaurant Tau Hu Pho 

3. International Vegetarian Rice

– Address: No. 9 Tran Tu Binh, KP. 4, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 7am – 10pm

International Vegetarian Rice is one of the delicious vegetarian rice addresses in Binh Duong that you should not miss. The plus point of the restaurant is that the location right on the street is easy to find, the space is spacious, airy and clean. Coming to the International Vegetarian Restaurant, you will enjoy the menu with many delicious and attractive vegetarian dishes. 

International Vegetarian Rice

Besides vegetarian rice, the restaurant also serves vegetarian noodles, vegetarian vermicelli with delicious broth, fresh food. Along with a staff of fast service and enthusiasm. Food prices range from 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND / serving. So, if you are looking for a delicious and cheap vegetarian restaurant in Binh Duong, this is the ideal address that you should not miss. 

International Vegetarian Rice serves popular vegetarian dishes

4. Khai Tam Vegetarian Rice

– Address: No. 98 Thich Quang Duc, KP. 1, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 9am – 9pm

Khai Tam is one of the most famous vegetarian rice restaurants in Binh Duong today . All ingredients at the shop are of clear origin, clean quality and do not use banned substances. Khai Tam restaurant has a spacious, airy space and is very crowded. Wooden tables and chairs are cleaned to help diners enjoy the most delicious meals. 

Khai Tam Vegetarian Rice

Coming to Khai Tam vegetarian rice restaurant, you will enjoy a lot of attractive dishes such as: noodle soup, hot pot, vermicelli, rice,… Especially, vegetarian hot pot is a very popular dish at Khai Tam restaurant with water. delicious to use. In addition, the restaurant also serves delicious seaweed soup. 

Khai Tam Vegetarian Rice serves a delicious menu

5. Tibetan Vegetarian Rice

– Address: Thich Quang Duc, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 7am – 10pm

– Contact: 098 525 48 85

Does Binh Duong have a good vegetarian restaurant? Tibetan vegetarian rice on Thich Quang Duc street is very famous and sought by many diners. With a cool and spacious space, the Tibetan restaurant specializes in serving delicious and affordable vegetarian dishes such as: Vegetarian spring roll vermicelli, vegetarian hot pot, banh util, vegetarian Hue vermicelli, banh soup,… Favorite dishes At the restaurant is a hot pot with full ingredients of corn, vegetables, dandelion, tofu, mushroom and juicy broth from vegetables. 

Famous Tibetan Vegetarian Rice in Binh Duong

Coming to Tibetan Vegetarian Restaurant, you will enjoy many delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes. Reasonable prices, food of clear origin and fresh are the plus points of the Tibetan vegetarian restaurant. In addition, the shop offers quick takeout and free shipping in Thu Dau Mot area. 

Vegetarian menu at Tibetan Vegetarian Rice
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6. Minghui Vegetarian Rice

– Address: 75 Thich Quang Duc, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong

– Opening time: 6am – 9pm

The next most famous vegetarian restaurant in Binh Duong is Minh Hue restaurant on Thich Quang Duc street. The restaurant has a spacious space, suitable for families or large groups of friends to enjoy delicious spicy dishes. The restaurant’s menu serves basic vegetarian dishes from vegetables, tofu with an irresistible delicious taste. 

Minh Hue vegetarian rice is loved by many tourists in Binh Duong

Coming to Minh Hue Vegetarian Rice Restaurant, you can order yourself a hot meal with many attractive dishes such as: young jackfruit, molded beans, vegetarian rolls, vegetables… Especially vegetarian hot pot at Minh Hue restaurant loved by many diners with many side dishes and reasonable prices. Note, the restaurant only processes food after customers order so the food is very fresh and you will have to wait a little bit longer. 

Lots of delicious vegetarian dishes for you to choose from

Come to the restaurant to eat the most delicious vegetarian in Pacific famous and crowded above you will enjoy many healthy delicacies. You can also refer to Binh Duong’s travel experiences to get more useful information for your upcoming trip. 

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