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What does Binh Duong have to do at night? Suggest the most interesting destinations when Binh Duong lights up

What is the most beautiful and interesting night play in Binh Duong? You are planning to explore the beautiful scenery of Binh Duong at night, but still do not know where to go? So let’s refer to the suggestions for the most beautiful and ideal destinations in Binh Duong at night below.

What does Binh Duong have to do at night? 

What does Binh Duong have to do at night? You have many different choices when exploring the beautiful scenery of Binh Duong at night such as: Going to the night market, walking on the street, shopping at the mall, or enjoying a coffee… 

1. Explore the night markets in Binh Duong 

If you are in need of shopping, dining and sightseeing, you can choose the famous night markets in Binh Duong such as: 

Thu Dau Mot Night Market 

– Address: No. 50 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

The market is located right in the center of Binh Duong province, convenient for traveling. Thu Dau Mot Night Market meets from 6 pm to midnight with stalls selling all kinds of things such as: Clothes, shoes, bags… Especially, when you come to Thu Dau Mot night market, you will discover the paradise of food. Snacks with all kinds of cheap delicacies. 

What does Binh Duong have to do at night? Suggest the most interesting destinations when Binh Duong lights up
Thu Dau Mot Night Market is bustling and bustling

Hoa Lan Night Market

– Address: 22 December Street, Hoa Lan 2 Quarter, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An Town

Although it has only been in operation since 2018, Hoa Lan night market has quickly become a favorite destination for shopping. The market has a total area of ​​7 thousand square meters, with enough stalls and play areas for children. When coming to Hoa Lan night market on weekends, the market is very crowded with many restaurants, food stalls and interesting activities. 

Hoa Lan Night Market attracts a large number of tourists

Bach Dang Night Market

– Address: Phu Cuong, Thu Dau Mot town, Binh Duong

The next place to play at night in Binh Duong is the Bach Dang market, which is open from 17h – 23h30 daily. Bach Dang night market attracts locals and tourists to shop and eat. This is a newly built market so it is still very new and has a modern space. Bach Dang night market promises to be an ideal destination to enjoy the night in Binh Duong. 

Bach Dang night market is loved by many tourists when coming to Binh Duong

2. Bach Dang night street 

– Address: Bach Dang, Phu Cuong ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong 

What’s interesting in Binh Duong at night ? The next step that you should not miss is the famous Bach Dang night street, which is busy and attracts young people today. Coming to this famous street, you will be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere and discover many unique cultural features. Take a walk along the street to enjoy the fresh air and hang out at roadside eateries. At Bach Dang night street you will enjoy a lot of attractive snacks, milk tea, or all-night pubs. 

Bach Dang night street is famous for its food paradise

3. Roundabout 6 Binh Duong

Roundabout 6 is a tourist destination in Binh Duong at night that attracts young people. Around this roundabout are busy streets lined with shops and eateries. In the evening, the roundabout area shimmers with lights and the cool atmosphere is extremely pleasant. You can discover a lot of delicious snacks here. After that, go shopping and visit Ba Pagoda, nearby Phu Cuong church.  

The roundabout 6 Binh Duong is shimmering with lights

4. Binh Duong New City Park

– Campus of Binh Duong New City, Phu My Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

If you still don’t know what Binh Duong has the most fun at night , the city park is the ideal destination that you should not miss. Binh Duong New City Park is known as the “lungs of the city”, the campus is planned to plant many trees and cool climate. In the evening, the park attracts young people to play, sing and many interesting activities. 

Binh Duong New City Park

5. Aeon Mall Binh Duong

– Address: 1 Binh Duong Boulevard, Quarter, Thuan An, Binh Duong

Going out at night in Binh Duong, you can explore the Aeon Mall Binh Duong located at 1 Binh Duong Boulevard. Coming to Aeon Mall Binh Duong, you will be delighted to have fun with a lot of attractive entertainment for adults and children. Shop all kinds of items from fashion, cosmetics, shoes, perfume… with brands from popular to high-end. In particular, at Aeon Mall Binh Duong, there are many food stalls serving famous dishes of countries around the world, grilled, hot pot… In addition, at Aeon Mall Binh Duong you can also enjoy check-in. live virtual beautiful pictures as memories. 

Aeon Mall Binh Duong attracts tourists to shop and have fun

6. Beautiful cafes in Binh Duong 

What is the most beautiful night in Binh Duong? If you want to enjoy delicious drinks and enjoy the fresh air, you can choose famous cafes in Binh Duong . Take a look at some beautiful cafes in Binh Duong below:

Wind & Water Cafe 

The Wind & Water cafe is impressive with its unique design and close to nature. The shop has a beautiful green space, a large lake and wooden pillars creating a peaceful scene. Coming to Wind & Water cafe, you will enjoy delicious drinks, relax and live a beautiful virtual life. 

Wind & Water cafe has a beautiful view

Thousand Stars Cafe

Thousand Star Cafe is impressive with a view overlooking the beautiful and romantic Bach Dang River. Coming to this famous cafe, you can gather with friends to enjoy the fresh air, watch the beautiful river view and enjoy super delicious drinks. Especially, Ngan Sao cafe is also a place to watch the beautiful sunset that many young people love in Binh Duong. Delicious drinks, reasonable prices are the plus points of this cafe. 

Thousand Star Cafe with a beautiful view

Surely when you read this far, you have answered the question of what Binh Duong has to play at night? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose the most attractive destinations. In addition, you can refer to Binh Duong’s travel experience. 

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