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The 20-year-old guy put his grandmother on TikTok and suddenly became famous, seizing the opportunity to open a shrimp cake brand after 3 days selling nearly 3 tons of cakes.

With trendy business “racers”, in any story or in any environment, financial opportunities can be seen.

TikTok is a lucrative market, can do business to get rich, can make a lot of advertising money from brands or the opportunity to become famous people such as actors, models, MCs… to double their income. multiple.

TikToker Ta Cong Bang, born in 2000: “Bang established a TikTok channel in 2018, because he lived with his grandfather since he was a child, so when he reached ninety, Bang wanted to spend the happiest days with his grandmother, that’s why. By filming TikTok with his grandmother, at first, Bang only shared simple and everyday moments such as eating with his grandmother, doing housework, stories that the two of them go through every day, and unexpectedly everyone liked it. So now Bang is a digital content creator on social networking platforms and online business.”

Now, the daily life topic that Ta Cong Bang shares, which is loved on TikTok, is a springboard to advertise home-made products more easily, with many videos documenting the baking process and workshop activities every day. day… while maintaining the channel and attracting thousands of orders.


Ca Mau sea is famous for many species of shrimp with firm, chewy and juicy meat such as ground shrimp, black tiger shrimp, and silver shrimp… that’s why in this cape, locals create shrimp puff pastry, to take advantage of it. Rich output from the sea is processed into dishes for long-term storage. Gradually, shrimp puff pastry is a specialty of Ca Mau in addition to dried shrimp, sea crab, and three-knot… Ca Mau shrimp puff pastry is different from the white round shrimp cake commonly found in supermarkets or food stores. This type of puff pastry is pure shrimp puff pastry, with orange-red color from pureed fresh ground shrimp, mixed with ingredients such as tapioca flour, flour, green onions, spices… after coating the cake. and dried, it will be cut into squares, when eaten, the smell of shrimp meat is strong.

The 20-year-old guy put his grandmother on TikTok and suddenly became famous, seizing the opportunity to open a shrimp cake brand after 3 days selling nearly 3 tons of cakes.

Ca Mau shrimp puff pastry

“Initially, I chose to sell shrimp puff pastry because this is a specialty that Ca Mau people are very proud of. Shrimp puff pastry is only seen a lot on Tet holiday, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters in other provinces do not know it and are difficult to find. If I have the opportunity to enjoy it, I want to use our ability, my grandmother and I will introduce a specialty of Ca Mau people to people everywhere.

My family’s shrimp puff pastry, the recipe was created by my grandmother and adjusted from me, has a very unique, different and suitable flavor for everyone, so it is fortunate to receive the support of relatives near and far. Every 10 kg of cake is 10 kg of tapioca flour mixed with other flours. Silver shrimp, and black tiger shrimp are carefully selected for grinding, the new puff pastry will be as natural and beautiful as possible. The mixture of minced shrimp with spices, scallions, eggs, mixed with flour, and mixed with water must be in the same proportion, beaten and coated by hand.”

Ta Cong Bang and his grandmother created a separate recipe for shrimp puffs to attract customers


According to TikToker, before the product was limited in quantity, it was sold for 1-2 days / batch, each month will open for sale 2 times. However, in a short time, everyone loved and supported, now increasing the number of workers, the number of cakes is more, every 3 days, a single order is closed until the end of the month, sometimes opening with 200kg, sometimes opening. with 500kg…

“Because of the large number of orders, I had to rent more houses to dry cakes, expand more floors, and earn more human resources. At first, people said they couldn’t buy cakes, because in 3 days, people supported nearly 3 tons of cakes. so I can’t make it in time to sell.. The reason is that I process it at home, don’t use machines, from cutting the cake, pressing the cake, drying the cake… I can’t parameterize a lot to reduce the quality of the cake. To be delicious, shrimp cakes must be dried in natural sunlight, so the number of cakes depends on the weather.

Ta Cong Bang owns a number of applications that everyone dreams of when he only started his business for about 3-4 months

Many people recommend that I buy a dryer for quick production, but I don’t want to because I’m afraid it won’t be fragrant or delicious anymore. At its core, the first starting point of shrimp puff pastry is to create a “couldn of money” for the aunts and uncles in Ca Mau, and most of all, everyone wants to introduce to people near and far completely about the puff pastry. Ca Mau people are full of pride, we have to keep our reputation.”

With the price of 100,000 VND for 500 grams of shrimp crackers, 180,000 VND if you buy one kilogram, with the weight of the cake sold in a short time falling from one hundred kilograms to one thousand kilograms, it is easy to guess that the revenue is an extremely large number. And of course, the profit earned from the starting point of “sharing life” on TikTok is not an ordinary number.($1=24,000 VND)


The start-up story is even more admirable, when Bang started selling shrimp cakes only October 2022, so it’s only been about 4 months so far, from a small scale in a house with only Bang, Grandma and Uncle Ho’s husband and wife This year has become 7 booths with 40 employees.

“Actually, Bang’s Tacoba factory is a family bakery. That means the workers are family members, and the process is also produced manually at home. The current Tacoba factory is owned by 7 families. up to 40 people, and all of them are relatives, aunts and uncles of Bang.In the past, before making shrimp cakes, the main job was as a farmer, eliminating shrimp worms, due to weather conditions and a For other reasons, the work of the aunts and uncles is also unstable. Now, thanks to the development of our puff pastry factory, everyone’s work is also better, especially around the time of Tet.”

Not only is it a smart personal income problem, what this TikToker creates more value is to increase income for many family members, call aunts and uncles with you to collaborate on cake production, ie. that they have more jobs, bond more and please their grandmother.

“When Bang achieved a certain success in terms of popularity on TikTok as well as his current business, his grandmother was very happy. Happy because not only waiting for Tet, but now aunts and uncles gathered but now. It’s always very crowded, everyone makes cakes together, so the family atmosphere is very crowded.Thanks to this Tacoba family puff pastry shop, the aunts and uncles have a lot of money, helping them somewhat economically. She was both happy and comforted at the same time.”


Leveraging the quality of shrimp crackers that are loved by many people, Ta Cong Bang has just launched a new type of banana puff pastry which is also a familiar dish in Ca Mau waters. The young TikToker’s business fashion path makes many people dream, but Bang’s intelligence and quickness can not be denied.

“In order to meet the needs of vegetarians who can’t enjoy shrimp cakes, I now officially launch banana puffs that can be used by vegetarians This cake consists of bananas that are pureed and mixed with ingredients such as tapioca flour. , rice flour, coconut milk, black sesame and other spices, still with homemade recipes and handmade production.”

Young TikToker further shared, he will deduct 20-50% of the profit after deducting the maintenance and labor costs from the puff pastry factory to establish a charity fund to help the aunts and uncles and children. have disadvantaged. “Hopefully Tacoba shrimp cake is not only a cake, a fishing rod for livelihood for the aunts and uncles in Ca Mau but also a source of spiritual motivation to help people in need.”

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