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Grandmother Tu likes to make blankets for people in need

Once seeing her daughter sewing clothes with a lot of rags, Ms. Tran Thi Vang (Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) came up with the intention to sew them together into blankets to send them to the needy. She has been in this job for 7 years.

Grandmother Tu likes to make blankets for people in need

Even though she is 80 years old, Ms. Tran Thi Vang (also known as Mrs. Tu) still likes to sew – Photo: NGOC PHUONG

At the age of 80, at exactly 5 a.m., Mrs. Tran Thi Vang (also known with her dear name, Mrs. Tu) sat at the sewing machine table on the porch, stepping on every thread to sew blankets to give to the needy. towel.

Initially, she made sewing rags at her daughter’s shop, and later on, enjoying the job, she and her children took out their own money to buy the intact ruler.

On average, Ms. Tu can sew 10 pieces a day. Every 1-2 months, if a charity team comes and asks for it, she will give it or she will send it to the monks to give it to the teachers.

Ms. Tran Thi Vang shared: “Sitting lucky all day, my spirit is always happy, I like this job very much. Thinking that the difficult person, the person who has the chance to get a warm blanket, is warm inside. It doesn’t make sense if we give money, if people use it up.

Although her hair is gray and her eyes are no longer sharp as before, Mrs. Tu is always suffering from a warmer sleep for the less fortunate. She just wanted to be healthy enough to be able to continue with this work until she was completely new.

Every 5am, Ms. Tu sits on a sewing machine on her porch in Hung Long commune, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City to sew blankets for the needy.

Mrs. Tu still tries to take care of every needle line and stitch to produce blankets with straight seams – Photo: NGOC PHUONG

Mrs. Tu said that she has been in this job for 7 years, gradually becoming acquainted, every day unfortunately she feels uncomfortable, sitting lucky, but happy but healthy both body and spirit – Photo: NGOC PHUONG

Mrs. Tu thinks that “people feel happy when they wear blankets to make them warm” – Photo: NGOC PHUONG

Curbing, neatly lining up the number of blankets just finished waiting for the “delivery” date – Photo: NGOC PHUONG

On average, she can sew 300 pieces a month, every 1-2 months, there will be a charity group come to ask, or she will send it to the pagoda

When she is tired, Mrs. Tu is often entertained by listening to music and asks her grandson Yen Nhi to show her how to use it.

During 7 years of volunteering, Ms. Tu also received “pretty good” certificates of merit for the example of good people with good deeds – Photo: NGOC PHUONG . Follow Tuoi Tre

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