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Hanoi Cathedral has an ancient look thanks to its antique imitation paint

After the controversial paint layer, the Hanoi Cathedral is being painted in layers to complete, gradually returning the ancient features as before.

Hanoi Cathedral has an ancient look thanks to its antique imitation paint
As noted by the PV, the Hanoi Cathedral continues to be put on a new “coat” with gray-white tones and bold stains.
According to many people’s comments, the current painting of the Hanoi Cathedral is bringing an ancient feeling, almost the same as before the restoration.
According to Parish Priest of the Hanoi Cathedral, Anton Nguyen Van Thang, it will take 4 coats of paint to recreate the ancient, mossy appearance of the Hanoi Cathedral. The last layer is the antique 3D color layer.
The brass main door set remains original.
The walls on both sides of the church have been painted and are almost the same as the old appearance.
The tower on the right of the photo is being painted with the 3rd layer, the body on both sides of the Hanoi Cathedral has been painted with the 4th layer.
Hanoi Cathedral is gradually returning to its familiar ancient appearance, which is imprinted in the memories of locals and tourists.
The Cathedral is one of the typical French architectural styles works in Hanoi.
Ms. Van Huong (Ho Chi Minh) shared: “I have seen a picture of the Hanoi Cathedral painted in dark gray, which looks quite different but not very ancient. This time when I went to Hanoi for work, I came here. I was surprised because the church has been repainted with a beautiful antique look.”
According to calculations, the entire Cathedral will complete the restoration next June.

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