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Buckwheat flower season on the rocky plateau

HA GIANG – In the last month of the year, on the streets of Ha Giang, it is easy to see fields of buckwheat flowers dyed pink and purple.

The fields along National Highway 4C and Provincial Road 176 put on new colors, woven by the seductive purple, white, and pink colors of buckwheat flowers. For many years now, the locality has focused on developing tourism with this typical flower, so the annual area is always expanding.

Since June, Dong Van district has made plans and plans to plant 300 hectares of buckwheat flowers; locations are concentrated mainly in communes along with National Highway 4C and on the main road of Van Chai, Pho Cao, Sung La, Lung Tao, Sa Phin, Thai Phin Tung, Ma Le, Lung Cu, Sung Left, and Thi communes. Dong Van town.

On Highway 4C, 4 km from the center of Quan Ba ​​district are terraced fields that are in full bloom. Currently, this is the field with the largest area and the most beautiful bloom.

Buckwheat flowers have many colors, white, pink, purple… People here said that buckwheat flowers appeared a long time ago, there are two types: one for planting flowers, the yield of buckwheat seeds is low; The second type is green only to get seeds, so the yield is very high.

In recent years, the Meo Vac district has expanded the area of ​​buckwheat flower cultivation to tens of hectares in highlights, such as the area of ​​Ma Pi Leng Pass, the fields of Pa Vi – Giang Chu Phin commune; Ta Lung, Sung Mang, Sung Tra. In which, planting is concentrated in the area of ​​Pa Vi flower field and Ma Pi Leng pass.

Flowers are planted in batches, so many flower fields have given seeds. In the past, people only planted seeds to make cakes, sweets, and wine. Now, buckwheat flowers have become a famous tourist brand of Ha Giang and Meo Vac district.

The flowers bloomed and stretched towards the sun.

These days, Ha Giang weather is quite cold, the sky is clear, the day is sunny but the night is cold up to 4 degrees Celsius.

Mong children play in the field of buckwheat flowers along with National Highway 4C, 20 km from the center of Dong Van district.

The buckwheat flower field on one side and the mustard flower garden is in the midst of harvesting in Pho Cao commune (Dong Van district).

Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has announced to welcome tourists back to Ha Giang from November 23 to all tourist sites, attractions and tourist villages in the province (except for 2 communes). the red zone is Dong Minh and Sung Thai – Yen Minh district).

Visitors to Ha Giang, proactively comply with 5K requirements in epidemic prevention and control, make medical declarations according to regulations or scan QR codes; fully comply with the regulations of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control, the Ministry of Health, and the rules of tourism business establishments.

On November 27, the program introducing the 7th Ha Giang Triangle Flower Festival with the theme “Flowers of the Stone” took place online. In the coming days, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will carry out more online programs at many bridge points with beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine to promote to domestic and foreign tourists. The upcoming program is expected to be called “Culinary, traditional craft villages combined with herbs and gardeners”. Follow vnexpress

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