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Symphony of Rice

The waves of green and yellow rice winding vividly around the passes, mountains, and highland valleys of Yen Bai, Ha Giang attract visitors every autumn.

Pham Tuan Anh (37 years old), Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, currently lives and works in Hanoi. In addition to his hobby of traveling and exploring, he is also passionate about filming and taking photos from above and often posts photos and videos of destinations in Vietnam on the Youtube channel, personal fanpage PTA Let’s go .

The photo above captures the vast green, golden fields beside the stream flowing through the picturesque Cao Pha valley. The photo is part of the photo series “Symphony of Upland Rice” taken by Tuan Anh over the past two years.

Tuan Anh said his rice hunting route starts from Cao Pha valley to La Pan Tan, Sang Nhu, Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai), through Lao Cai, then to Ban Phung, Hoang Su Phi and then to Quan Ba, Doc Nine circles on Dong Van (Ha Giang).

The feeling of crossing Khau Pha pass between the mountains and watching the terraced fields brings unforgettable experiences. About the time to watch the ripe rice, he shared, the ripe rice seasons in the highlands fall around August-October, depending on the weather factors and the farming and harvesting of the people, so it may be sooner or later depending on the year. .

Normally, early ripening rice in Lao Cai falls in August-September, and in Yen Bai and Ha Giang later in September-October. This year, the ripe rice season is empty, mainly domestic tourists due to the impact of Covid-19.Video Player is loading.DừngPresent 0:05/Time 2:37Loaded : 0%Progress : 0%Bỏ tắt tiếngFull screenQuảng cao có thể hiển thị sau 5 giay

The “raspberry” terraced fields in Han Chong village, La Pan Tan commune have become a symbol of Mu Cang Chai, making any visitor who sets foot in this highland also ask for directions.

Sang Nhu is home to many terraced fields of various shapes, with lines that look like horseshoes, shoe toes or eyes.

From a personal perspective, Mr. Tuan Anh likes to record journeys and trips and tries to convey landscapes and images to viewers in the most authentic and intimate way.

The terraced fields are curved like a horseshoe in Sang Nhu, about 2 km from the center of Mu Cang Chai town.

“Eight months ago, I started sharing travel videos. In addition to passion, the theme of tourism takes a lot of effort, moving, moving, and investing in equipment to make Vietnam’s scenes impressive. Many people say that I am nearly 40 years old to experience traveling along with the country. I don’t think so, whether it’s 20, 30 or 60, if you don’t stop rising, develop yourself and bring useful values ​​to the community, this life will lose part of its meaning,” he confided. .

The highland rice symphony continues to be recorded in Ban Phung, Ha Giang. From Ha Giang city, visitors take about 3 hours to Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district. After that, drive another 30 km to Ban Phung commune. The road to Ban Phung is bumpy, with many dangerous bends, but in return, the feeling of fatigue disappears when you can see the houses of the La Chi dotted among the sprawling terraced fields.

In the process of discovering the symphony of rice, he was really overwhelmed by the natural scenery, culture, related legends and the rhythm of human life in each region. Arriving in Ha Giang, listen to the legend of the twin mountains of Co Tien, the attraction consists of two mountains adjacent to each other in Quan Ba ​​valley in Tam Son town. The scenery here becomes poetic when the fields turn golden around the mountain.

Tuan Anh said, there are trips like going to Ha Giang, just standing silently watching the scene appear in front of his eyes, in his head as if the melodies of love for the country are resounding in his head. The picture shows the terraced fields and mountains on the slopes of Chin Khoanh, a section of Highway 4C, the main traffic road of Ha Giang, connecting 2 communes Pho Cao – Sung La, in Dong Van district. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Pham Tuan Anh

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