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Vietnam’s unique travel experience: Many players want to ‘vestib’ but foreign tourists are still fascinated

Many tourists who have experienced this tourism activity have had to admit that it is … “soul”.

Besides the unique landscapes and cuisines that attract tourists from all over the world, Vietnam also has many interesting and unique travel experiences that very few places in the world have even considered as “monopoly”. Typically, the activity of taking a basket boat when coming to the Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An (Quang Nam).

Surely many times, you have come across images of a basket boat ride among the green coconut groves. Just as an experience of sightseeing, many tourists also take advantage of taking beautiful “virtual life” photos. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the activity of sitting and rotating the basket boat here.

Vietnam’s unique travel experience: Many players want to ‘vestib’ but foreign tourists are still fascinated

Rotating basket boats in Bay Mau coconut forest (TikTok screenshot)

At first glance, there is no such thing as “howling”, right? But many visitors who have experienced this activity share that the feeling is very challenging, even… “vestibular”. That’s when the rower increases the speed of the boat’s rotation, and it feels like this…

Swing the basket boat at breakneck speed (TikTok screenshot)

Just watching, many people probably feel dizzy right? So it is easy to guess the feeling of the girl sitting on this basket boat. And as a result, after the boat stopped… lethargic.

A rather listless experience (TikTok Screenshot)

As scary as it is, there are still many tourists willing to participate in this challenging activity. Among them, many are foreign tourists because for them, this is an extremely unique and interesting tourism activity.

Many foreign tourists still enjoy this activity (TikTok Screenshot)

Anyway, it must be recognized that, riding a basket boat in Bay Mau coconut forest is a very interesting experience when coming to Hoi An. If you are not a challenger, you can tell the boatman to rotate slowly, or simply just row a basket boat along the coconut forest to admire and take pictures.

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