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Travel Experience Nha Trang – Da Lat

The city of thousands of flowers Da Lat and the coastal city of Nha Trang are two of many destinations that attract tourists to relax and explore. If you are wishing to organize a self-sufficient backpacking trip, how should you do it?

1. Air tickets:

– I booked Vietnamairline tickets.
– Fly Hanoi => Cam Ranh: Get my award ticket (use the APP on the phone to get and transfer money to the account on the phone, not to Quang Trung as usual)
– I contact the ticket office or go to tell the you find cheap tickets, Lien Khuong => Noi Bai I bought 1.1 million/person (I bought it in June).
2. Order Vinpearl:
– My friend gave the phone number of a company specializing in selling VOU of VINPEARL.
– Book a room at V inpearl Bay Nha Trang hotel , High floor, sea view: 6,380,000 VND/room with 2 fairly large beds (including: 2 adults, 2 children under 12 years old; stay 2 days 1 night; eat 3 meals BF , cable car, play Vinpearl, Spa for free).
– Note: When booking the hotel, you should tell the high floor, when going, if your child is over 12 years old, you can borrow the birth certificate of someone under 12 years old to get that name to get through the check-in gate) ; When you go, you should go to Checkin early to avoid crowds (the day I was away because of Covid and not THEM).
3. Hotel booking, car rental:
– I booked Yasaka hotel opposite the Sea (800k/night for 2 adults, 2 children, breakfast included).
– Sleep the first night and the third and fourth night at this hotel (1 night at Vinperl side).
– Da Lat hotel, I booked a room too cheap, so it’s not good, You guys just go find a nice hotel and stay happy.
– I rented a car from Da Lat to Nha Trang to pick up and go out in Da Lat for 2 days.
1. Day 1:

– Hanoi => Noi Bai: When there are children traveling by plane, they need to bring a copy of the birth certificate issued by the ward or an authenticated copy.
Because I went to a lot of people, I showed up at the airport 1 hour 15 minutes before the flight time.
– Arriving in Cam Ranh: I reserve a car waiting at the airport, pick up and take a rest at Yasaka hotel.
View of the room on the 9th floor facing the sea at Yasaka Hotel:

– 16h00: Bathing in Tran Phu beach: Pretty clean, white sand, moderate waves, quite enjoyable bathing.
– 18h30: Go to eat seafood at Tam Meo restaurant (grilled shrimp, grilled squid, clams with two shells, ….), at the red light of the Naval Academy 40 Tran Phu: The dish is reasonably priced. The property is fine, I feel better than the embankment (I go to Nha Trang a lot and my friends say the same thing).
– 20h00: Walk around the square, night market (don’t buy j).
Shop Eight Tips:

I didn’t take the picture, I got it online.

Tran Phu beach has white sand and a very long and beautiful coastline:

2. Day 2:
– 6:00 walking on the beach taking pictures and sightseeing. Have breakfast at Hotel.
– 7:30: Book a car to go to Checkin Vinpearl: Bring a small suitcase of personal items for the family to use in the evening and the next day; carry 1 small backpack of clothes, 2 bottles of water to go out from morning to 14h (Because 14:00 only receive hotel room). Note: If you bring food, you need to put it in the Valy and send it to the Checkin place, they will deliver it to the hotel for you, if you bring a Handbag, it will be confiscated.
– Staff provide a place to take portraits of each person to recognize faces for the whole trip to Vijpearl (on the cable car, enter the hotel door, when entering the dining room: Face recognition is required to enter), You can You can choose to take a canoe or cable car to Vinpearl.
– 8:00: Get on the cable car:

– In the morning, play games and swim with Vin, play until 12:00, go to Lotte restaurant to have the first meal (it’s boring because I don’t like ready-made food).
– 13h30: Go to the gate of the hotel entrance area and wait for the tram to go into the hotel and check in.
– The hotel is quite nice, worth the money. I was on the 11th floor in the middle of that hotel area, looking at the sea really well, looking down right in the middle of the hotel’s swimming pool:

The hotel I stay at is the To To Far Away, the sea view is more expensive than the 500k sea view, you just need to see the sea and book:

– Afternoon 15:30: Go to the beach in front of the hotel to take a bath, fortunately there are 2 starlings sitting on the chair you sit on:

– Evening at sea is interesting:

– 18h00: Eat BF at the 1st floor of the hotel: The food is quite rich, including shrimp, oysters, pork, grilled duck outside.
– 19h15: My family went out to see the country music, when I got there, everything was gone, I don’t remember what I played when I saw the performance, there is a picture for you to imagine:

– 20h20: Get on the tram to go to Spa for free, there is a steam river, a very good hot tub, if you go to Vinpearl, don’t miss it.
3. Day 3:
– 5:30: Go to the beach in front of the hotel to walk and watch the sunrise, enjoy the fresh air of the morning. Swimming in the sea is also very interesting.

– After breakfast at the hotel, my family went to play games at the amusement park: Car crash, spin, see the zoo, Japanese garden, ….11h40 back to the hotel to check out and then send Valy back to the mainland. , took a small bag to eat the last meal at the hotel, then took the tram to the amusement park: Playing adventure games, watching performances of seagulls and dolphins was quite interesting.

– 16h: My family takes the cable car back to Yasaka Hotel, rest, go to Long Son Pagoda….
4. Day 4:
In the morning, go swimming along Tran Phu beach and enjoy swimming in the sea. After breakfast, go to Suoi Do Pagoda which is quite beautiful and peaceful;
In the afternoon go to Thap Ba Punaga, Hon Chong, visit Nha Trang University (with a beautiful boat-shaped house facing the sea):

Travel Experience Nha Trang – Da Lat

Source: Photo I took from the internet.

In the evening, have a light meal (steamed grouper, fish porridge, jellyfish salad) at Tam Meo at 40 Tran Phu.
In the evening at 9pm, go to the beach to make beer cans and grilled squid to watch the sea at night.
5. Day 5:
– Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, then the car will pick you up to Da Lat (Nha Trang – Da Lat: 3.5h because my family just went and parked to take pictures and admire the scenery, so the car is not fast).
– Nhat Trang-Da Lat road has some very beautiful waterfalls, seeing that our country is really very beautiful, many places have wonderful landscapes.

-12h check in hotel to leave food to eat. I found that there is Tao Ngo chicken hotpot at No. 5, 3/4 Street, City. Da Lat; This dish is very delicious, strange to me: There are sour bamboo shoots, mushrooms, chicken and especially the one called La É by the Phu Yen people – it is similar to the dog basil in the north, especially Nuoc Lau is very special, The restaurant is not beautiful but very crowded. 300K get 1 pot as in the photo and 2 more bowls of chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms as in the photo, 4 people can eat comfortably.

– In the afternoon, my family goes out to the Strawberry Garden, free entry, free drinks to try; After finishing my house, I bought some Strawberries, bottled water, some dry dishes here.
Because it is not the season, the garden also has few ripe strawberries, but luckily there are still to experience.

– Bizarre hotel, 60K/person, not very good either:

– In the evening, go to the night market to eat grilled food, which is also temporary; Then taking a walk around and sitting at a cafe watching the lake is also very peaceful and memorable.
6. Day 6:
– Wake up in the morning to walk by Xuan Huong lake so peaceful and fresh.
– After breakfast, my family checked out, put things in the car and went to City Flower Garden, Square and visited Bao Dai Palace, Chicken Church: Personally, I don’t feel very good:

– At noon, my family ordered sturgeon at Eros Salmon Restaurant: 529k / 1kg of sturgeon made according to my dishes: Grilled, Fried fish roll, Butter sauce, Sturgeon hot pot.
The shop is quite peaceful and beautiful, the price is quite good, the food is delicious.

– After lunch, I go to Cafe Da Lat Golf Very beautiful, next time I will go to all the beautiful cafes in Da Lat:

13h00 depart to Lien Khuong airport, because now there is a highway from Da Lat city to the airport, so it is also fast, about 25-30P to arrive, quite convenient.
When I arrived at the airport, I found it too small, not at peak, but too crowded. When I entered the waiting room of the Golden Lotus, it was as crowded as it was outside.
EM flight 14h25 ended the holiday quite satisfied and meaningful.


– Vietnam has many beautiful and poetic places, Nha Trang and Da Lat is one of them.
– Clean sea, fresh climate, good food; friendly and honest people.
– Time at Vinpearl is quite interesting and beautiful, worth the money I spend.
– If you go on vacation in Dalat, you should choose a good hotel with a nice view, you can choose a hotel on the mountainside to have a beautiful view.
– At Vinpearl: The children’s house is small, so they mainly swim and play light games, can’t play many adventurous games, so it’s a bit of a waste; But to see beautiful and peaceful is satisfied ah.
– In Da Lat, you should not go to visit much, choose a few spots that you feel like going, I see that every place has to buy tickets, the ticket price is quite high.
– The cost for the trip I did not add but thought about 18 million (because I took the award ticket in the afternoon).

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