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Tan Son Nhat airport is crowded with overseas Vietnamese

HO CHI MINH CITY – Thousands of people wait in the lobby and corridor of Tan Son Nhat airport to welcome their loved ones home to celebrate Tet, on the evening of January 10.

About half a month before Tet, Tan Son Nhat international station (Tan Binh district) is always crowded from morning to night. At 10 pm on January 10, people from other provinces and cities flock here to welcome their relatives from abroad to celebrate Tet. Right at the exit was crowded with people waiting, the rows of seats were all empty.

According to security staff, the situation of picking up relatives at the international terminal during Tet this year is more crowded, after a period of solitude due to the influence of Covid-19.

At 23:00, within an hour, the information board continuously reported that flights from abroad had just landed.

On January 10, Tan Son Nhat airport served more than 110,000 passengers with 780 flights, including more than 62,000 departures and over 46,000 arrivals. Particularly, the total number of passengers passing through the international terminal reached nearly 33,000 arrivals, of which arrivals reached 17,559 arrivals.

The time frames with many international flights arrive at about 13-19h. On average, there are 7 to 13 landings per hour. In order to pick up relatives, many people said they were at the airport at least an hour before the plane landed.

Many families bring their children to pick up their loved ones. Everyone strained their eyes, constantly looking at the door to wait. Late at night, children fall asleep in chairs, steps or on their parents’ shoulders.

Many people take advantage of every space in the lobby to both wait for their loved ones and take advantage of a break.

Right at the exit is channeled to create a separate path so that passengers can easily step out of the lobby. As late as night, the flights continuously landed, the flow of people came to pick up their loved ones.

During the peak time of Tet, the airport strengthens security forces to coordinate and avoid crowding and chaos.

Many people can’t stand the jostling scene, so they choose to go upstairs to wait for their loved ones through the glass window at the conveyor belt.

The baggage claim carousel is often crowded when a flight lands.

Seeing her relatives waiting to pick up her luggage from the upper floor, Ms. Tam happily waved her hand repeatedly. “Now the whole family takes a car from Dong Nai to the airport to pick up family members from the US to celebrate Tet to have affection,” she said.

At the bottom of the hall, as soon as he saw the grandchild walking out with his luggage, Mr. Chon rushed to hug him. “My nephew has been living in the US for more than a decade, he has just returned to his hometown with his family, so he has been away for so long, so it is difficult to describe emotions. In a few days, my family will return to Da Nang to celebrate Tet”, he said.

Mr. Tien’s family (white shirt, Tan Binh district) captured the moment the whole family got together, after three years of separation. He said that his sister (black shirt) went to the US to visit her son in 2020 and has been stuck since then because of the epidemic. “My house is close to the airport, but I still want to pick it up because, after a few years of being apart, everyone is happy to see each other again,” said Mr. Tien.

A representative of the Southern Airport Authority said that the number of visitors to Tan Son Nhat International Terminal will continue to increase. During the peak days of the Lunar New Year, the airport is expected to receive about 130,000 passengers per day, most of which are domestic visitors with about 90,000 arrivals, the rest are international visitors. Airport passengers are forecasted to be the most crowded on January 20 (December 29) with nearly 123,000 arrivals and on January 29 (January 8) the expected number of visitors is more than 144,000.

 ( According to vnexpress )

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