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Hanoians play with plum branches

After the trend of arranging branches of peach blossoms, plums, apricots, pears… many families in the capital have a new hobby: Plug plum branches with ripe, wrong fruits.

At the beginning of April, the flower trading market in Hanoi appeared with plum branches full of fruit and leaves, moved down from Moc Chau, with prices ranging from a few dozen to several hundred thousand dong.

Seeing the branches have young green leaves and fruit that are pleasing to the eye, many families have hunted to plant them. Some people revealed that they like to display plum branches as a fancy decoration, with fruits to eat when ripe.

Four days ago, Ms. Nguyen Ha in Cau Giay district discovered someone on the online flower market selling plum branches. Seeing the strange and beautiful branches, she ordered a bunch of three large branches, priced at 100,000 VND.

“When I bought every branch, there were many leaves, I had to trim it down to reveal the fruit, then cut the stem to match the height of the vase. In particular, the fruit branches must be gentle and cherished because many ripe and easy to fall fruits.” she says. To fresh branches, she cut the root bevel, poured water about 2/3 of the jar. Daily monitor the amount of water in the tank because the branches absorb water.

The 38-year-old woman said that this is the first year of planting plum branches, before that her family mainly arranged flowers.

Ms. Ha advises buyers to choose branches with lots of green fruit, less fall, long playing time, or if you want the fruit to ripen quickly, you can mix it with warm water to stimulate it.

“The hobby of planting plum branches is very good, sometimes listening to the sound of plums falling on the table is also fun. Whenever I see the fallen fruit, I pick it up, clean it, and then dip it in salt and pepper to eat it. It’s like going to the garden to eat fresh plums,” she said.

A vase of plums with green, yellow and red fruits by Ms. Thu Ha, Thanh Xuan district, attracted hundreds of likes and comments in a social media post.

Ms. Ha said that this is the first year she knew about plum branches, before that she only saw persimmon branches and apples for sale. Having experience in arranging many kinds of flowers, she said that taking care of fruit branches is not difficult, if you change the water regularly, you can keep the branches fresh for 10 days.

“The first days the leaves are green, but after a week, they start to droop, reveal the fruit, and are very pleasing to the eye. But players should plug freely, instead of styling or plugging with foam that loses the naturalness of the tree. Northwest forest,” shared Ha.

Buy a bunch of plums for 150,000 VND, she said it’s not expensive, after plugging it in, you can enjoy the fruit. “The fruits on the branches are like plums sold in the market, just like to plant the branches, so they break the branches to sell. The ripe fruit is very soft and sweet, but the green fruit still has to be salted and chili, crispy and sour,” she said.

As one of the earliest plum tree traders in Hanoi, Ms. Nguyen Hoai An, owner of a flower shop in Vinh Quynh commune, Thanh Tri district said that this year, this year’s plum season, abundant supply, she started Import from the beginning of April.

Demand is great, every day Ms. An imports 100 bundles to serve Hanoi and 50 bundles to transport to other provinces. From the beginning of April until now, she calculated to sell 1,000 plum branches.

Each bundle has from 7 to 10 large branches, the branches are about 50 cm to 55 cm long, with many fruits and leaves, the price is from 150,000 VND to 170,000 VND. Due to the import of green branches, it can be planted for 15 days. “The goods arrive there, my shop has no inventory, for many days there are no goods to sell,” An said.

The article for sale plum branches by Ms. Tinh Tho, Hoai Duc district, attracted a lot of attention after a day of posting. Many people have contacted to order to beautify the family’s living space.

Ms. Tho said that every year people tend to play plum blossoms, but this year they just started playing with plum branches. “I just imported a few dozen bundles today, after wholesale and pre-orders, there are only about a dozen bundles left, but today it’s gone. People’s purchasing power is quite large,” Ms. Tho said. .

In the past few years, Vietnamese fruit branches have been popular with many people, most of them are imported from the Northwest. Especially, cutting fruit branches to sell helps farmers earn a much higher profit than just selling fruit. “When the fruit is over, people have to prune the branches, so it’s a double job, benefiting both the grower and the buyer,” said Tho.

In order to preserve the fruit branches well, the seller recommends that the family should be plugged at room temperature, placed in a cool, airy space, and if left in an air-conditioned room, the branches will spoil quickly, and the fruit will fall easily.

In addition, more or less fruit branches also depend on the transportation process, if pressed, stamped or heated a lot on the car, it will easily fall off.

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