02.02.2022, 11:32

5 camping spots near Ho Chi Minh City

Camping sites near Ho Chi Minh City are suitable for families to depart in early spring for short trips.

Ba Den Mountain, Dau Tieng Lake, Bu Gia Map National Park, Tri An Lake, Chua Chan Mountain are some outstanding camping spots, suitable for temporarily leaving the city and returning to nature.

After climbing the highest Ba Den mountain in the Southern region, you can camp overnight on the top or choose flat rocks to rest your feet and set up a tent overnight. Ma Lu Quan at the foot of the mountain has a camping ground rental service on flat grass, in front of a clear blue lake. Photo: Ma Lu Quan – Camping Ba Den Mountain

Dau Tieng Lake has a wild beauty, surrounded by green lawns with mixed stones, fresh air. The ideal time for camping is from December to April. You should go to the lake around 3pm because the weather is often dry and hot during the day, causing fatigue. Arriving there, you can experience boating on the lake for sightseeing or fishing. In the afternoon, we set up tents, spread tarpaulins to light a campfire and organize a barbecue. Photo: Ngao Du Camping

Tri An Lake is an ideal picnic spot with a variety of activities such as fishing, boating, overnight camping… The lake has many free campsites, you can choose a place you like, several beaches There is an owner for rent for 20,000 VND to enter the gate and charge a surcharge per person. Photo: Mike Nhan Phan

Coming to Bu Gia Map National Park, visitors experience activities such as trekking, watching the forests of giant umbrellas, oilseeds and many other typical tree species of the transitional forest from the Central Highlands to the Southeast; visit the Center for Conservation and Development of Creatures; explore, camp by Dak Ca stream, Dak Ca lake with clear and cool water… Photo: Kieu Dinh Thap

Visitors to Chua Chan Mountain usually depart in the early afternoon, reaching the top just in time to watch the sunset at the end of the day. This place has a lot of flat lands, you can choose a suitable place to stop, prepare a tent, light a fire, barbecue, chat and watch the stars at night with friends. Photo: Lu Hoang Thong

Graphics: Ta Lu