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It’s the cat’s turn in Ho Chi Minh City to join the mascot association, making people “out of words”

After the athlete cat in Ben Tre, the strange ugly chicken cat in Tien Giang, and the overly aesthetic cat in Thanh Hoa … the ranking of the “unique and tearful” mascots in 2023 has recorded more candidates from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Just released, the image of the cat mascot welcoming the New Year at Suoi Tien Tourist Area (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) has caused a stir in the online community because it is so strange.

The image of the cat mascot in Suoi Tien makes netizens laugh and “fall off the chair”.FB THUY PHAM

The cat is shaped with fur like a fox, with an extremely bizarre facial expression – a grinning mouth but dull, lifeless dark eyes.

Under the posts shared on social networks , many readers commented that the cat seemed to be worried about catching mice all night and then in the morning Suoi Tien welcomed visitors. Some people even joked that this New Year, they don’t dare to come to Suoi Tien because they are afraid of cats!

Does it look like a cat, people?FB THUY PHAM

Previously, the mascots from many provinces and cities across the country became a hot topic of discussion on social networks because of the unique way of shaping, only in Vietnam. No longer a “luxury” species with flexible “catwalk” steps taken as the symbol of the fashion model floor, the cat mascot through the hands of artisans becomes… strangely humorous!

It’s the cat’s turn in Ho Chi Minh City to join the mascot association, making people “out of words”

The image of the “athlete” cat in Con Phung, Ben Tre is shared.FB LOVE BEN TRE

Cat Go Cong – Tien Giang is strangely ugly with a rough body, feathers made from straw-like chicken feathers and especially a face with crossed eyes and a mouse nose.FB TIEN GIANG QUE TOI

Coming from Thanh Hoa, the cat is rumored to have just gone… injecting filler to stretch the skin with the same round body as a shrew, even like a whole roast pig.FB THANH TUNG

Da Lat impresses with the “noble’s” style cat mascot.FB THUY HA

Thin body, insatiable bewildered eyes, the cat seems to be lost in the middle of Thong Nhat park – HanoiFB TRAN ANH GIANG

Without having to think about designing and creating a complex and sophisticated cat mascot, artisans in Phu Yen quickly print the cat family decal and attach it to the miniature.FB DAN PHU YEN
The unreleased cat mascot in Quang Tri has been said to be like ‘wearing Chinese clothes ‘

 ( According to Thanh Nien)

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