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The ceremony of the God of Fortune of a Saigon family

From 5 a.m., Mrs. Nguyen Thi No, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, went to the market to buy flowers, grilled snakehead fish… to prepare the worshiping ceremony for the God of Fortune.

It was not yet morning, Mrs. Nguyen Thi No (left corner) bought offerings for the day of the God of Fortune on January 10. She said that because she worked as a wholesale vegetable seller at Ba Queo market, after delivering the goods, she used to go to a nearby stall to buy flowers and fruits first.

The 58-year-old woman chooses gerbera flowers, with the wish of many fortunes on this day.

She chooses votive paper to offer to the God of Wealth for 30,000 VND a set.

After choosing votive papers, flowers, fruits… Mrs. No went to buy grilled snakehead fish – an indispensable offering on this day of many Saigon people. She bought it at “grilled snakehead fish street” on Tan Ky – Tan Quy street (Tan Phu district), one kilometer from her workplace.

“To worship God, you have to buy grilled fish whole, without scraping off the scales, cutting off the tail. The fish here are grilled beautifully as well as taste better than many other places,” she said.

On the way back, the woman stopped to buy roast pork at a familiar shop on Truong Chinh Street. Roasted pork is an offering ceremony in the “Three slugs” set of the Southern people, including pieces of bacon, shrimp (or crab), and duck eggs.

At 6 o’clock, Mrs. No bought enough offerings to the God of Fortune such as flowers, fruits, snakehead fish, shrimp, roasted pig… and brought them home on Dong Hung Thuan 6 Street (District 12).

Before setting up the offering tray, Mrs. No “washed” Mr. Than Tai and Mr. Dia with white wine. “He always liked clean and airy places, so I often bathe and clean the altar to be more blessed,” she said.

Besides buying rituals to worship, buying gold is also something many people often do on this day. Mrs. No usually buys some gold a few days before the God of Fortune.

The basic offering tray on the day of the God of Fortune of the Saigon people includes fruit, grilled snakehead fish, votive paper, incense, set of Tam slugs (including pork, boiled eggs and shrimp or crab), fresh flowers, wine, rice, and cakes. candy…

Around 7am, Mrs. No started to worship the God of Wealth. The ritual is quite simple, taking place less than 5 minutes before 9am. Worshipers often pray for a year of doing business and selling expensive clothes.

When the incense has faded, Mrs. No opens in front of the house to perform the final stage of turning gold. “Last year, the epidemic was so bad that I wanted nothing more than health. I do business, so I also hope for abundant money and prosperous life,” the 58-year-old woman shared.

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