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The latest updated Han River cruise experience

Traveling to Da Nang, if during the day there are Ba Na Hills, My Khe beach is an attraction, in the evening, visitors often plan to buy tickets to take a Han River cruise to see the whole beauty of the city. However, many people have not yet grasped the Han River cruise experience. Don’t worry, read the guide below right away!

Experience Da Nang Han River Cruise 

Cruise on the Han River is considered a famous tourist “specialty” of Da Nang. With this activity, you will experience the feeling of floating on the water, watching the poetic and shimmering Han River. Besides, you can also admire the illusory beauty of the bridges mixed with the bustle and excitement of the area on both sides of the river. 

The latest updated Han River cruise experience
Cruise on Han River is a famous service 

Many people say that it seems that all the vibrant and livable Da Nang city is present here. Full of art with the statue of Carp turning into a Dragon, romantic with the Bridge of Love, bustling with Son Tra night market, brilliant with Sunwhel wheel,… Especially experiencing this service, visitors have the opportunity to be rewarded. Enjoy romantic culinary parties with many attractive art shows. 

All the shimmer of Da Nang at night is present here 

Han River cruise experiences to note 

Time start 

According to Han River cruise experience , there are many trips organized every day with departure times in 4-time frames: 18h10, 19h10, 20h10, 21h10 when the city starts to light up. You should note that, on Sunday, the cruise will depart at 20:00. The time of each trip will fluctuate within 1 hour. 

The cruise will usually start operating from 18:10

Ticket price for Han River cruise 

Ticket price: 100k – 250k/pax (pick up at the marina at 26 Bach Dang)

Tickets for children under 1m tall: free

Child ticket over 1m tall: 50% of an adult ticket 

Ticket price includes karaoke, drinking water, travel insurance, music exchange, and presenters on board. 

Note: The above fare does not include services 

The ticket price does not include the following services: personal expenses outside the program, dining with on-demand dishes, air-conditioned car shuttle to the pier. 

Boat tickets are not too expensive 


The Han River cruise experience that many tourists are most interested in is the route. On the excursion, you will see many symbols of Danang tourism, especially the bridges. The cruise will take the group to visit the following bridges: 

Thuan Phuoc Bridge: This is the largest steel bridge in Danang with a weight of about 1000 tons. 

Tran Thi Ly Bridge (Han River swing bridge): This bridge has a leaning tower of 127m, equipped with a 3-sided cable-stayed system that radiates like a sail catching the wind. 

Dragon Bridge: At night, this famous bridge becomes more sparkling and fanciful than ever. If you go exactly two Saturdays and Sundays, you will witness the beautiful dragon’s head spraying water and spitting fire. 

The cruise takes you to see the Dragon Bridge spray water 

Choose your seat on the yacht

Choosing the location is also a Han River cruise experience that you should grasp. When taking a Han River cruise, visitors have the full right to choose their favorite seats under the guidance of the staff. Each yacht will usually have 2 decks, each deck has 2 rows of seats. According to the majority, often choose the 2nd floor because it has a broader view. However, if you do not have time to choose this area, do not be too sad because the first-floor area also has many benefits: 

The 1st floor has a larger area than the 2nd floor, so it is more spacious. Due to the psychology of many people choosing the 2nd floor, the space on the 1st floor will usually be quieter, suitable for those who want to find relaxation and peace. The area at the top of the first floor is designed to be quite empty, so you can move up there to look around or check-in. 

Sitting on the 1st floor means you can sit close to the river. In this location, visitors will feel the calm and gentleness of the Han River at night beside the lights, the sky, and the bridges reflected on the water. In addition, there is another quite special thing that on high water days, if you are lucky, you will see schools of fish swimming along with the boat, even jumping on the water. 

The 1st and 2nd floor both have their own advantages 
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Select view

Sightseeing and feeling the nightlife in Da Nang is the core purpose of experiencing a cruise on the Han River. Therefore, when choosing a yacht, many tourists pay attention to what the view will be like? 

The view on the yacht is something that many people are interested in 

For those who travel with small children, have children, and go in cold weather, you should choose yachts with enclosed space designs such as MerryLand boat. If you want to own a spacious space with a panoramic view, choose HappyLand, Sweet Time yacht. If you like cruises that coincide with the time when Dragon Bridge sprays water and spits fire, you should choose a yacht with an open and spacious space. 

Statue of Carp Turning into a Dragon shimmering at night 

Services when experiencing Han River cruise 

Another Han River cruise experience that many tourists are interested in is the services on the Han River cruise. The yacht is likened to a mini restaurant with full services such as bar, dining, and entertainment. Each yacht is designed with a stage with modern lighting and sound systems. Depending on the type of boat, there are musicians with different repertoire. 

Watch dancers perform Cham pa dances

What to eat on a Han River cruise?

Designed like a restaurant, the dining menu on the Han River cruise ship is evaluated for variety and quality. Here, there are menus listed with prices for visitors to easily choose from. The drinks here are not too expensive. The menu for 4 people around 800k is enough. 

Dining right on the cruise is so romantic 

Top quality Han River cruises

Phu Quy Train

As one of the oldest and prestigious Han River cruises, Phu Quy is definitely the perfect choice for every traveler. With a cruise on the Han River, visitors will be able to: watch the Dragon Bridge spray water, spitfire on Saturday and Sunday evenings, experience dining at a restaurant, enjoy cultural shows. 

Phu Quy Train

Dragon Boat Han River

Designed with the architecture with 2 restaurants onboard, the Han River Dragon Cruise promises to bring visitors many wonderful experiences. With this cruise, you will experience: watching the famous bridges of Da Nang, enjoying food at 2 restaurants, sipping a glass of water at the rooftop coffee bar with a beautiful view,. .. 

Dragon Boat Han River

Merryland Cruise

Merryland is one of the most famous yachts in Da Nang with a modern 3-star design. In the boat, the air-conditioning system is turned on throughout, providing a comfortable space for visitors. On this boat, you will experience many wonderful things such as: admire the night view of Da Nang with 4 famous bridges, enjoying cultural shows, eating at 3-star restaurants, drink at the bar, coffee get high. 

Merryland Cruise

Above are the Han River cruise experiences that have just been summarized. If you have the opportunity, come to Da Nang and try once to experience the feeling of watching the shimmering beauty of the city at night on impressive yachts. 

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