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River cruise in Ho Chi Minh City with 3$

Reader Minh Tuong, from Thu Duc City, suggested exploring the river by ferry, boat… at an economical cost.

Every weekend, my family often goes out and travels to Ho Chi Minh City or places that can be returned in 1-2 days. We often take our children to parks, amusement parks to play, or events at book street, Vung Tau, Long An…

My 5-year-old son has a hobby of watching ships and boats go back and forth on the river. She has read a few children’s books and learned vocabulary about cruise ships, cargo ships, sailboats… Sometimes, we take her to the parks by the Saigon River to observe the boats passing by. .

At the end of the week, I designed an experience trip on the river so that my child had the opportunity to directly observe the waterways. This practical lesson costs less than 50,000 VND.

River cruise in Ho Chi Minh City with 3$
Binh Khanh ferry carries passengers across the Soai Rap River.

First trip: Binh Khanh ferry

At 8am, we went to Nha Be to buy tickets to the Binh Khanh ferry. The journey took us to Can Gio. On the Soai Rap River, ferries are busy carrying passengers. Ferries run continuously, an average of 15 minutes, there is a trip during the day, the evening time can be extended to about 30 to 45 minutes.

Tickets for motorbikes cost 4,500 VND one way, and tickets for pedestrians are 1,000 VND one way. At peak hours, on New Year’s Day, there are often traffic jams at both ends of the wharf. The ferry terminal is crowded but the order is well appreciated.

Second trip: Phuoc Khanh ferry

After walking around Binh Khanh market, we boarded the ferry back. Next, the whole family stopped at Phuoc Khanh wharf a few hundred meters away to go to Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. This small boat only accepts pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes.

The ferry took us to Phuoc Khanh market, near the market there are Dinh Phuoc Khanh, Ngu Hanh Temple, Cao Dai Holy That… From here, we leisurely continued to the Cat Lai ferry, driving while enjoying the view of green trees. side street.

The fare for Phuoc Khanh wharf is 4,000 VND one way, passengers traveling with bicycles are 6,000 VND, and motorbikes are 9,000 VND.

Do Phuoc Khanh equips passengers with life jackets.

Third trip: Cat Lai Ferry

The Cat Lai Ferry in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai took us to Thu Duc City. The river here is busy with freight trains, carrying containers back and forth. Cat Lai ferry ticket for passengers is 1,000 VND one way, with motorbikes is 4,000 VND one way.

After three trips on the river, my child excitedly, quickly memorized the difference between ferries, boats, passenger ships, barges… as well as the names of places visited, the lives of the people. areas of Can Gio, Nhon Trach… and observe the changing flows in the rivers. The simple lessons from life through this mini-tour are appropriate for all ages.

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