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Kieu Cave in Quang Binh

Kieu Cave has stalactites with diverse shapes, giving visitors a unique experience every step of the way.

Kieu Cave is a rather large cave located in An Bo mountain of Le Thuy and Quang Ninh districts. The cave has just been put into operation for tourism in early 2021, but due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it had to be closed for many months.

Recently, Quang Binh province allowed tourism businesses to welcome back tourists, provided they have green cards, yellow cards, and participate in closed tours.

The cave is about 50 km from Dong Hoi city in the southwest direction. After arriving at Coi Da village (Ngan Thuy commune, Le Thuy) by car, visitors walk a distance of about 2 km to reach the foot of the mountain. Along the way, the scene of the stilt houses of the indigenous Van Kieu people appeared in the middle of the mountains.

The entrance to Kieu cave is quite large and slopes down, visitors are equipped with some equipment to ensure safety when descending the cave. These safety devices are carried by guides and porters to serve visitors. After going down to the cave entrance, you will meet another large cave mouth, with two different routes to conquer Kieu cave.

Close-up of a stalactite block in Kieu cave.

Occasionally, in the cave, there are some terraced water holes. At times when there is water, these pits are emerald green, glittering.

In the cave, there are sections where visitors will encounter a large area with stalactites of various shapes.

Every step in the journey is an unrepeatable experience.

Ms. Thu Trang, a tourist who discovered Kieu Cave before it was closed due to Covid-19, shared: “Kieu Cave offers a range of emotions that few places have. I was really overwhelmed with the majestic and wild beauty of the cave.”

Hang Kieu is a cave that is not too difficult to conquer. Currently, the cave is organizing a group tour or a group tour. Guests can choose from a one-day or two-day one-night itinerary.

A group of young people excited after a 4-hour journey to discover Kieu cave. Coming out of Kieu cave, visitors camp in the valley of love, enjoy dishes with bold local flavors.

Kieu cave combined with the valley of love, Cha Loi cave, Coi Da village, and trekking along the cold water ravine is an attractive experience activity in the west of Le Thuy District. Kieu cave mining unit is restarting these tours to welcome guests.

Photo: Nguyen Hai – Duc Thanh

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