08.04.2021, 14:13

Newly discovered underground stream in the cave

QUANG TRI – A newly discovered cave in Huong Son commune (Huong Hoa) has a cool underground stream inside, which has not been fully investigated.

In 2020, in Trìa village (Huong Son commune, Huong Hoa), a bat manure hunter discovered a new cave in the Nature Reserve north of Huong Hoa, according to Ho Van Phan, a reserve officer. .

The cave is located about 30 minutes from the end of Trì village, along the Tram stream. On the way to approach, riders must cross a steep, jagged, sharp, cat-eared rock slope. Along the way there are many old trees.

The entrance of the cave is small, allowing only one by one to enter. The more you go inside, the steeper the cave is.

Down about 50 m deep, visitors encounter an underground stream. The accessible section of the stream is about 100 m long, and knee-deep for an adult. The stream bed is filled with rocks and mud, the water is cool and clear, and there are many small fish as small as chopsticks to live.

Inside, many sections of the cave have a fairly wide space, tens of meters high. Stalactites have many shapes, some flow down from the ceiling, some are formed from the cave floor.

At the end of the stream, a large lake with wide ceiling is formed. As this site was newly discovered and has not been fully surveyed, no conclusions about the depth of the cave or stream are currently available.

A group of stalactites is forming on the ceiling of the cave. There are a number of units exploring, surveying to apply for a license to exploit this cave for tourism.

Mr. Ho Van Viet, a resident of Tra village, said that he visited this cave twice. “I want the cave to exploit tourism so that people can have more jobs and income,” said Viet.

In August 2020, the People’s Committee of Quang Tri province organized a survey to find directions to exploit tourism with this cave. After the survey trip, the province assigned the nature reserve north of Huong Hoa to coordinate with the locality for protection.

Currently, the nature reserve is placing prohibition signs into caves to ensure safety, to avoid people from visiting and vandalizing.

Peaceful village scene in Trì village, Huong Son commune. Tram is the most remote village of this commune, with the access road currently divided due to the floods since October 2020. To enter the village, people have to ride a motorbike to cross many sections of streams. The people here are mainly Van Kieu, whose income comes from hilly gardens, upland fields, and large livestock raising. Follow vnexpress