04.06.2021, 15:36

The masterpiece of stalactites in Cha Loi cave

 Cha Loi Cave (Quang Binh) is a suitable destination for a short journey, about 2 days and 1 night, with many interesting experiences.

During a trip to discover the village of Bru Van Kieu people in Quang Binh, blogger Vinh Bear took time to visit Cha Loi cave.

Before the trip, the tour unit will give visitors helmets with lights, army boots for trekking and gloves for climbing…

The structure of Cha Loi cave is divided into 3 floors. The 2nd floor is the entrance to the cave, after that, visitors will move down to the 1st floor and finish by climbing up to the exit on the 3rd floor. “As soon as I got to the cave entrance, I saw the cool breeze inside blowing out. Turning on the flashlight to shine inside, I started the journey to discover Cha Loi”, Vinh Bear shared.

The first impression is the stalactites in the cave. This blogger admitted to having “eyes A, mouth O” when looking at the natural masterpieces of Cha Loi cave. It is known that each year, stalactites are only about 0.03 mm long. Therefore, visitors absolutely do not touch or touch them during the process of exploring the cave.

Leaving the 2nd floor, you will go down to the 1st floor to continue the journey of discovery. The stalactites on this floor are equally majestic as the ones above. However, it is more special because there are stalactites like human heads.

A stalactite block shaped like a bust of General Vo Nguyen Giap. In addition, Cha Loi cave is also known as “Ong Giap cave”.

A better view of the famous stalactite in the cave.

In the journey to explore the cave, you also need to be prepared to wade in the water. Some sections of water are just knee-high. However, there is a stretch of water up to the chest.

Impressive pictures when checking-in in the cave is what you can expect with this exploration.

The journey to explore Cha Loi cave lasts about 4 hours. According to Vinh Bear, this is a relatively suitable journey for all subjects. “In my group, there is a 60-year-old girl and two 6-year-old children, but walking is not difficult,” he said.

After the adventure in the cave, the group moved to Ban Coi. There is a love valley area suitable for night camping.

Only 3 Bru Van Kieu households live in this area.

After setting up the tent, you can immerse yourself in the cool stream to wash away dirt in the process of exploring Cha Loi cave. “Feeling nothing. Alone, free to struggle”, Vinh Bear shared.

The dishes will be prepared by Bru Van Kieu people. This time, the delegation enjoyed roasted pork, walking chicken and fresh river fish.

“One of the things I like most here is that people talk to each other more. This area has no phone signal, so messages and social media notifications can’t distract us,” he said. According to zingnews