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0 dong apartment for people stuck during the epidemic season

HANOI – Many people who have difficulty in accommodation move to “Apartment for 0 VND” to live, they are supported with food, meals, and free of charge during the days of separation.

On the morning of August 24, Hoang Thu Dong, 20 years old, from Nghe An, woke up late to save breakfast. For more than a month, this young man’s meals depend entirely on charity bags, and have been hungry for many days.

Dong moved to Hanoi to work as a worker from the beginning of July, after only working for half a month, he lost his job. With a salary of 3 million dongs, he knew he wouldn’t be able to live, so he moved in with friends and four other workers. For a short time, everyone found a way to return to their hometown. East was alone in the middle of the capital. Having worked as a hired worker since the age of 17, there was a time when he was alone in China, but this guy admitted that this was the first time he felt stuck, not knowing how to support himself.

Knowing Dong’s plight, a woman from his country introduced him to the “0-dong apartment” on Tan Trieu Street, Thanh Tri. Over the phone, seeing that he couldn’t speak because he was hungry, the other end of the line answered: “You don’t have a place to live, right? I texted your address right away, I took you to test for Covid-19 and then rest assured to stay until when the translation is over”.

In addition to providing free accommodation for the needy, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thong also supports 50,000 VND per person every day to buy food. Photo: Lenh Thang.

Entering the spacious 10-storey building, Nghe An young man was still trembling and could not believe that he would be here in the coming days. Dong was placed in the same room with two friends of the same age with similar circumstances. His “check-in ceremony” was two packets of egg noodles available for hunger relief. In the following days, with more money from the host, everyone went to the market to cook decent rice, meat, vegetables…

“At first I didn’t think much about the place to stay, but when I checked in, I was very surprised by the comfortable living conditions,” said the man, who is used to living in temporary shacks for workers.

In this house, in addition to Dong’s room, there are 5 other rooms that have welcomed 20 people who are freelance workers who have lost their jobs, have no income, homeless people and cases of serious diseases stuck in Hanoi. . Each room is “equipped” with rice, instant noodles, in addition, the host also supports each person 50,000 VND a day.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Tuan, 38 years old, a compatriot of Dong, has also had no income for many months. Wanting to keep his family safe, Tuan decided not to return to his hometown and kept his job loss a secret for his wife to worry about. His furniture delivery job had to take a break since Hanoi was quarantined. On August 23, Tuan happened to read an article with “0-dong apartment” supporting accommodation and food, so he decided to call and ask for a move when he didn’t have a penny left in his pocket.

The owner of these “0-dong apartments” is Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thong, 28 years old, director of a real estate company. The 10-storey building is the office and workplace of more than 50 employees in the company. During the period of the city’s social distancing to prevent the epidemic, although many guests asked to rent a room, he refused, giving apartments on the 5th and 8th floors to welcome disadvantaged people to come and stay for free.

When Hanoi separated for the 3rd time, on August 23, when he passed Pham Hung Street, Thong saw many people struggling at the foot of the overpass, so the idea of ​​”bringing homeless people home” arose. He checked through the local council, if anyone was in trouble, he would help and announce it on social media to let other people know.

“I myself come from a poor farming family in the Central region, there are days when I’m hungry, I run to eat every meal, I go to Hanoi alone to start a business with empty hands, so I understand the problems people face and know. what they need most at the moment,” Nguyen Xuan Thong shared.

After two days of notice, Thong did not expect so many people needing help, the phone almost “fired up”. He decided to requisition 15 more rooms and apartments of the company in Dong Da, Thanh Xuan and Nam Tu Liem districts to help those in need.

0 dong apartment for people stuck during the epidemic season
Mr. Thong spends all the apartments on the 5th and 8th floors of the 10-storey building to welcome the needy to come and stay for free. Photo: Lenh Thang.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan, an employee of Thong said: “Fortunately, the company is in the business of renting apartments and office space, so there are many rooms to help people. The daily support amount is 50,000 VND per person. All of it was spent by Mr. Thong himself.

At this time, the tenants are facing difficulties, Mr. Thong also facilitates as much as possible. “Whoever called to come and stay, we all made a list to test for Covid-19 then arranged rooms for everyone. Before welcoming people into the room, Mr. Thong reminded me to check electricity, water and appliances. Can it be used for repair?” Tuan said.

Ms. Hoang Thi Dam, the leader of the 2nd street, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, said that this is a humane job for the community, so the neighborhood group supports Mr. Thong in the spirit of ensuring the prevention of the Covid epidemic. -19 strict. “Every day, we still talk to representatives of the company who are organizing for citizens with difficulties to come and stay to understand the situation, distribute many vouchers to go to the market for people to buy more food and medicine during the relaxation time. way,” said Mrs. Dam.

Opening the door to the difficult people to live in can also be at risk if there is unfortunately F0. “When I decided to let strangers come to stay while the epidemic was still complicated, I mentally prepared for the worst problems that could come at any time. I also want to after the relaxation is over. way, can help more unemployed cases find stable jobs,” said the young director with a smile. Follow vnexpress

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