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There is a peaceful Vi Xuyen lake in the heart of Thanh Nam city!

If Hanoi has Sword Lake, Nam Dinh also has peaceful and poetic Vi Xuyen Lake, containing many memories and emotions of the people here.

Vi Xuyen Lake is a freshwater lake located in the center of Nam Dinh city, in Vi Xuyen ward, Nam Dinh province. It is known that the lake is a remnant of the old Vi Hoang river before being replaced by the Dao river opened in 1913 and is now considered a symbol of Thanh Nam that no one knows about and tourists. visit once in travel.

The charming and poetic scene of Vi Xuyen lake

Although not as large as Sword Lake or West Lake in Hanoi, the peaceful and quiet look like a sleeping girl in Vi Xuyen Lake in Nam Dinh is something that is not found anywhere else.

Around the lake is surrounded by a row of old trees that are green in the summer and turn yellow and red in the fall, adorned with colorful high-rise buildings close together and looming in the distance is the tower. The towering worship makes us feel like we are lost in the scenery of the West sky.

There is a peaceful Vi Xuyen lake in the heart of Thanh Nam city!
Beautiful scenery as if it were Europe (Photo @hoang_son_le)

The interesting point is that despite being surrounded by tall trees, the surface of Vi Xuyen lake all year round has ripples combined with the clear water surface to form a mirror reflecting the beautiful lakeside scenes into unique shapes. unique, makes me want to watch it all the time.

The lake ripples year-round (Photo @npk_l)

Each time the lake has a different beauty, but the most beautiful is probably the sunset when the orange color dyes the lake surface to create a fanciful and shimmering picture like the sunset in West Lake. 

Magical sunset captivates people (Photo @nhido73)

Or on rainy days, the whole lake is white as if it is immersed in “smoke fog”, the trees are also dyed with a sad color that makes people’s moods as well as infected with strange emotions and thoughts.

A moody rainy day by the lake (Photo @tranduynghia7890)

Interesting experiences at Vi Xuyen Lake

Not as crowded as Hoan Kiem Lake walking street, Vi Xuyen Lake is an extremely ideal place for you to relax with nature, rivers, and clouds to dispel all your worries, worries and also It’s a great place to escape the heat on sweltering summer days.

The perfect place to relax (Photo @vtlgiang)

Especially in the afternoons, you will see a lot of people from old to young gathering around the lake, some people walking, groups of five, seven laughing and talking, some people singing… strangely rhythmic and joyful.

You can also bring a cloth, some food and drink, some of your favorite items such as: books, stories, drawing tools, embroidery… to make an outdoor picnic at the lakeside lawn. The feeling of being able to eat and drink and experience your pleasures under the cool breezes and in the fresh, peaceful atmosphere of the lake will definitely be a memory you will never forget.

Make a great picnic by the lake (Photo @ribi_2912)

If you don’t bring food, it’s okay, because, around Vi Xuyen freshwater lake, there are also many shops or street vendors selling snacks such as mango shake, toad shake, mixed rice paper, rice paper roll. , ice cream and milk tea…for you to enjoy the story with your friends.

There are many snack shops around the lake (Photo @hoa_dai_bao)

And those who want to exercise to exercise, can also rent a duck boat to pedal ducks on the lake, exercise, entertain, and talk freely without fear of being disturbed by anyone. Please.

In addition, you can also visit the grave of Tran Te Xuong built by the lake in 1977 and the great statue of Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan placed in front of the 3/2 theater to commemorate and be grateful to the great work he did for our nation.

Tran Quoc Tuan monument is also visited by many people every day (Photo @biithu_9701)

Traveling to Nam Dinh, don’t just visit ancient temples or beautiful European-like churches because Vi Xuyen Lake in the heart of the city will also be a place for you to have a lot of beautiful and memorable memories.

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