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The famous Hai Hau specialty is addictive, have you tried it yet?

Eight fragrant rice, longan cake, Banh Chung… are all famous Hai Hau specialties that anyone who travels here must buy and bring as gifts for family, relatives, and friends.

Hai Hau is a coastal countryside with poetic and lyrical scenery, vast fields of fields with flying storks. Quite a lot of young people and backpackers in Hanoi or the surrounding areas take advantage of the weekend to come here to enjoy the peace and quiet of ancient churches, traditional craft villages… Or simply Simply welcome the sunrise and sunset by the church in Nam Dinh and enjoy the delicious fresh seafood that this countryside brings.

And when returning to the bustling city life, the thing that many people nostalgic for and often buy as gifts for relatives and friends is the famous Hai Hau specialty .

TOP 5 famous Hai Hau specialties you should definitely buy as a gift

1. Stir-fried shrimp salad

Stir-fried shrimp salad is a familiar and rustic dish associated with the life of fishermen in Hai Ly waters. This is a famous Hai Hau specialty that is prepared quite simply with the ingredients of sea shrimp plus a few other spices that make anyone who enjoys it also be mesmerized by the irresistible deliciousness of this dish.

To prepare stir-fried shrimp salad with the right taste, one must choose fresh, delicious shrimp without impurities. After that, it will be washed and dried thoroughly. And if you can’t buy fresh shrimp, you can use dried shrimp instead, provided that you have to soak the dried shrimp for about 5-10 minutes to soften the shrimp.

Stir-fried shrimp salad dish sounds simple, but in terms of processing, it is also quite elaborate and meticulous. First, you need to steam the cooked shrimp, add bell pepper, coriander, ginger, sugar, vinegar, wine, sesame oil in a sufficient amount and stir well. Then let the seasoning and shrimp infuse for about 5 minutes. 

If you want to eat delicious, this dish must be eaten with more vegetables such as: along the salt net, pineapple, roasted peanuts, chopped lemon leaves, pepper, chili… All these spices when blended together are very delicious and when eaten you You will feel the spiciness, the aroma mixed with the sweetness and sourness of pineapple, the taste of peanuts… Wow, delicious!

The famous Hai Hau specialty is addictive, have you tried it yet?
Fried shrimp salad

2. Banh Chung Mrs. Thin

For those who have ever set foot in Hai Hau – Nam Dinh, it is certainly not possible to buy the famous Hai Hau specialty, which is banh chung that Mrs. Thin brings up as gifts for relatives and friends. 

Ms. Thin’s banh chung has been around since 1948. At that time, the whole town had only one restaurant with the national name. But no one knows if the cake has any charms, but no matter where it comes out, it will be finished at that moment. And if you go back to Hai Hau, if you want to enjoy this delicious cake, you have to buy it right at the slope of Yen Dinh bridge to get the right kind.

The reason why Mrs. Thin’s cake is famous is because the cake is made from glutinous rice and the grain must be silvered evenly for 3 moons to be used. These white rice grains are washed evenly and then soaked in water. The spices of banh chung such as ginger, green beans must be grown on sandy soil; Pork – seasoning must be chosen on par with the traditional craft. Delicious cakes are always less rice and more bean meat combined with ingenuity, meticulous manipulation, and virtuosity to bring delicious home products to customers.

Mrs. Thin’s banh chung

3. Hai Hau longan cake

One of the authentic hometown gifts that many diners buy as gifts when returning to Hai Hau is the longan cake. Hai Hau longan cake has a round shape like a longan. And to make this cake, one has to choose: sticky rice with yellow flowers, fresh chicken, lard, white diameter.

Glutinous flour and chicken eggs are mixed together and then kneaded until it is smooth and flexible. Then they will be rounded up and fried hot in a hot fat pan. When enough, the longan cake will swell evenly, round with a beautiful golden color. Next, they will match the diameter so that the molasses sticking around the longan cake looks better. Longan cake or sipped with a cup of tea is delicious and true to taste. And this is one of the famous Hai Hau specialties or is bought by diners near and far as gifts during Tet holidays.

Longan cake

4. Hai Hau eight-leaf rice

Hai Hau is a countryside famous for its specialty of Hai Hau rice . This is a precious rice variety or used to advance to the king in the past with a fragrant aroma and sweet and sweet toughness that no other rice can match.

Hai Hau eight oval rice has a small shape, elongated, clear white, natural aroma. And rice is best eaten when it is cooked in a cast iron pot or a rice cooker. When the rice boils, its aroma spreads throughout the neighborhood, but everyone knows that only eight Xoan rice has such a fragrance.

When eating rice, you will feel the delicious sweetness of the rice grain. Whether eating rice with sesame salt or braised dishes, rice is very good. In particular, eight Xoan rice is only harvested once a year on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. So people often buy as gifts with the quantity of 10kg packing to give as gifts.

Eight fragrant rice

5. Distilled fish sauce

Also on the list of famous Hai Hau specialties that many people buy as gifts is water holding great-grandchildren. Because Hai Hau is the homeland of the sea and is also a famous fish sauce processing village near and far.

With the principle of keeping the traditional flavor of the homeland that our forefathers built, the profession of making fish sauce is applied and strictly followed the processing process from fish selection, salting, sun drying, stirring ingredients daily. How to brew chuop fish sauce is completely handmade and undergoes a net incubation period of 12 months. From there, it will produce pure, rich and delicious drops of water that anyone who enjoys will be intoxicated by the rich taste of fish sauce.

Squeezed water

And so on, Hai Hau specialties are famous near and far and are ordered by many tourists as gifts whenever they have the opportunity to visit Nam Dinh . Surely, this will be a practical and genuine hometown gift that everyone will like.

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