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Check-in Thanh Son Court – a mysterious beautiful ‘little Myanmar’ in Khanh Hoa

With beautiful and characteristic architecture like the beautiful towers and pagodas of Myanmar, Thanh Son Dharma Institute has become one of the prominent destinations on the spiritual tourism map in Khanh Hoa. 

Referring to the outstanding religious architectures in  Khanh Hoa, surely everyone will think of Long Son Pagoda, Stone Church of Ponagar tower. However, few people know that this beautiful coastal city still has many unique spiritual architectural works that make many people captivated right from the first visit by its unique beauty with exquisite architectural lines. crafty, typically the Thanh Son Institute. Check-in Phap Vien, you will be surprised by the unique beauty imprinted with the temples of India or Myanmar, so this place is also likened to a “miniature Myanmar” of Nha Trang. 

Check-in Thanh Son Court – a mysterious beautiful ‘little Myanmar’ in Khanh Hoa

Thanh Son Court is likened to “little Myanmar” in Khanh Hoa. Photo:@alekseevwlad

Fascinated by the unique beauty of Thanh Son Institute in Khanh Hoa 

Thanh Son Institute is located in Khanh Xuan village, Dien Lam commune, Dien Khanh district, 25km south of Nha Trang city center. This is a destination favored by many international tourists because of its unique spiritual, architectural and cultural beauty. 

Phap Vien has located 25km from the center of Nha Trang. Photo: @laiknimir

Coming to this temple, right from the commune you can see a colorful picture with a vast rice field, in the distance is a unique architectural pagoda with a bold red Myanmar style surrounded by mountains. majestic mountains and simple green bamboo. 

The enchanting scene seen from afar of the Holy Son Institute. Photo:FB/Holy Son Institute

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Thanh Son Court was built in 2006 on the very site of the old Thanh Son temple built by the late Buddhist Le Thien in 1918. The land where the temple was built was very wild because it was a long time ago people However since Monk Khoan returned to build the temple, this land seems to be blowing a new wind full of vitality and majesty and purity. It is known that Monk Giac Khoan is also a master of feng shui, so the terrain of Thanh Son Institute is very favorable. 

Phap Vien was built on the foundation of the old Thanh Son pagoda.

Beautiful architecture and space with mysterious spiritual colors 

 Thanh Son Institute has a completely different appearance compared to most temples in Khanh Hoa and is inspired by Myanmar temples because Venerable Giac Khoan has practiced in Myanmar and India for 5 years.

Thanh Son Institute exudes a majestic and splendid beauty but is still very close. Nature, flowers, and Buddha statues are arranged interwoven and blended to create a quiet, majestic space that evokes the feeling of visitors. sense of peace and relaxation. In the scene at Thanh Son Institute, visitors will be impressed with the spacious space, beautiful scenery, and unique Buddha statues. This place can be considered as one of the beautiful scenery of Khanh Hoa land. 

The pagoda is located among thousands of green trees on a hilltop. Photo: FB/ Thanh Son Courthouse

Going from the outside, visitors can easily see large and exquisite gold-encrusted statues of Arhats along the path covered with many large and small stones. The space in the temple has many green trees, so the atmosphere is very airy and quiet for visitors to comfortably visit. 

The pagoda has a distinct Myanmar Buddhist architectural influence. Photo:@mrishka_tuikova

The main grounds in the temple give the impression of being lost in an old palace filled with carved walls and intricately carved Buddha statues. At Thanh Son Dharma Institute , you can easily encounter unique Buddha statues, from the four-eyed Buddha to the thousand-eyed and thousand-armed Buddha, the statue of Quan Am and a series of other Buddha statues with all shapes, materials, substances. In particular, there are also Buddha statues wearing unique traditional costumes showing the impressive East-West cultural interference. 

Every detail here is carefully taken care of. Photo:@anna_wanderlust0406

Buddha statues in the temple are very diverse. Photo:@emenshov

The landscape is very unique and has ancient colors. Photo:@valer_m

Inside the campus of Thanh Son Court, visitors can also admire the unique man-made caves that bring curiosity and stimulation. With Middle Eastern Buddhist influences, when visiting this place, visitors will feel like entering a magical Dharma space full of magic. The abbot of Thanh Son Dharma Institute said that space here is imbued with the cultural colors of multi-sectarian Buddhism such as mendicant, southern and northern sects including Mahayana and Hinayana. 

Magical Buddhist Space.FB/ Thanh Son Institute

Experience of checking-in Phap Vien Thanh Son 

Thanh Son Institute is a unique spiritual tourist destination located not far from Nha Trang city center, so visitors can easily visit. To get to this unique temple, from the city center, you go south in the direction of Saigon, go through the Dau Doi civet tree to the green light area, the red light at the 3 Thanh intersection, turn right onto National Highway 1A, go further. 3km will reach the New bridge. From here you will see the instruction board to go to Am Chua, see the road to Dong Khoi, follow Highway 8 through Dong Gang bridge and ask the way to the Court and people will point you to it. In front of the Court, there is a house for parking. At the price of 5000 VND / unit, there are also soft drinks for tourists with prices of only 15000 VND. 

You can check-in Phap Vien easily if you go from Nha Trang. Photo:@yamschikova

Thanh Son Institute is open for visitors to visit, and take pictures, but this is a sacred Buddhist space, so you need to pay attention to keep order, walk lightly, speak quietly, dress neatly. Particularly the area of ​​​​the main temple of the Buddha in the Phap Vien visitors can only visit but not take pictures.  

Please keep order, walk lightly, speak quietly when checking in this temple. Photo: @hareybol_lemongrass

On the way to check-in Thanh Son Institute , you can combine visiting some other destinations such as the shrine to worship the goddess Thien Y Ana, Dien Khanh ancient citadel, Cay Vong church… 

Do not forget to combine visiting other destinations in the journey to check-in Thanh Son Academy

Thanh Son Institute with its magnificent pagoda scene and unique architecture bring a sense of peace to visitors. Coming to Khanh Hoa, tourists should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit the magical and fascinating “little Myanmar”. smoke this. 

Photo: Internet 

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