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Chicken with roses sells hundreds of chickens at Hang Be market in Hanoi on the full moon day of January

Hang Be Market in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is famous for its fresh and delicious food, famous for its fun name “the rich market”. On this full moon day in January, the half-million rose chicken is the best seller.

Chicken with roses sells hundreds of chickens at Hang Be market in Hanoi on the full moon day of January

Hang Be Market (Hanoi) is famous for its offerings on public holidays and New Year. Today, on the full moon day of January, two shops selling rose-sweetened chicken “sellers, buyers”. In addition to boiled chicken, the two shops have many offerings for people to choose from such as sticky rice, white sticky rice, fried bird, …

Sharing with PV, Ms. Pham Thi To, the owner of the shop selling roasted birds and boiled chickens in Hang Be market, said that since yesterday, February 25, many people have come here to buy chickens for the ceremony. Each boiled chicken with roses sells for 300-850 thousand dong per chicken, depending on weight.

“The number of people buying chicken this year is only about 60% per year. I think the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, so many people are afraid to go to a crowded place. people buy for a while, but not as crowded as last year. To serve the people the shop has mobilized more than 6 workers from chicken to boil, chopped, cooked, and wrapped sticky rice, “said Mrs. To.

Ms. Vu Thi Lieu (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) has just bought a chicken and shared: “Every holiday, Tet, I come here to buy things to do the ceremony. Every year, we have to wait until our turn but this year comes. It is possible to buy because it is not crowded. Chicken prices this year are still the same as last year.

Unlike Ms. Lieu, Ms. Tran Thi Lan (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) had to wait for her turn to buy: “I arrived at the market at 8:30 am, which is the time when people buy chicken the most, so I have to wait. Only crowded in batches when people come to buy all of them, it is deserted and easy to buy as usual “.

Chicken with roses sells hundreds of chickens at Hang Be market in Hanoi on the full moon day of January
Recorded by PV Dan Tri at 8:00 am on the full moon of January (Lunar Calendar) at Hang Be market (Hanoi), people come to buy things to burn incense only in batches.
To Lan shop selling chicken and sticky rice to the ceremony has to mobilize more than 6 people to do service selling goods to the people.
The festival chickens here are cleaned by the seller, then boiled and then put in a rose.
Full full moon offering chicken costs 300-850 thousand VND / chicken, depending on weight.
Boiled chickens are available these days and hundreds of them are sold.
Boiled chicken with roses is probably the most famous commodity of Hang Be market.
Hang Be Market is very small, but it is happily called the “rich market” because the food here is fresh and delicious but the price is higher than other markets.
Each boiled chicken is prepared to decorate and wait for customers to buy.
This year the number of buyers decreased compared to every year, but the price did not change much.
In addition to boiled chickens in Hang Be market, fried quails are also sold.
In addition to ready-boiled chicken, Hang Be market also sells many offerings such as sticky rice, sticky rice …
At the beginning of the morning, many people come to buy breakfast so that they can light up their lunch in time.
In addition to going to the stores to buy, many people also choose to order home delivery.

The full moon in January, the Lunar New Year, or Tet Thuong Nguyen, takes place on the first full moon day of the year. The Vietnamese people attach importance to this day because they think that “the first and the second will fall”.

On this day, people often make offerings to their ancestors, heaven and earth and go to the temple to make offerings to pray for peace in life. 

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