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Experience in touring Chi Quang Ngai stream for a relaxing weekend, cool spring bath

Traveling to Chi Quang Ngai stream attracts young people to camp, swim in streams and take a cool bath in hot summer days. Visiting this place, you will be immersed in the cool water and watch the relaxing natural scenery, dispel all the fatigue of life. 

Where is Chi Stream in Quang Ngai?

Where is Suoi Chi ? Suoi Chi is located in Truong Le and Khanh Giang villages, Hanh Tin Dong commune, surrounded by primeval forests with a large area. This place attracts visitors with the flowing stream, the chirping of birds and the rich flora and fauna. 

You can travel to Chi Quang Ngai stream at any time of the year with beautiful sunny weather. In particular, the best summer is from April to September, at this time, the time of sunshine and less storms is suitable for sightseeing activities, entertainment and bathing. 

Experience in touring Chi Quang Ngai stream for a relaxing weekend, cool spring bath
Tourism stream of Chi Quang Ngai

How to move to Chi Quang Ngai stream 

First, you need to move to Quang Ngai by bus or motorbike or plane depending on where you start. For those who live far away should take the plane to Chu Lai airport (Quang Nam) and then take the bus to the center of Quang Ngai. 

To move to Chi stream, you can go from Quang Ngai center or from Sa Ky port according to the following instructions:

  • From Quang Ngai city center to Chi stream: You follow the direction of Highway 624B about 25km to reach Chi stream. Or you can go in the direction from Thach Tru junction (Mo Duc) along Highway 24 to Da Chat Pass, turn north about 3km.   
  • Going from Sa Ky port to Chi stream: Travel experience in Chi Quang Ngai stream , you can also buy train ticket to Ly Son island at Sa Ky port, then follow Highway 24B, route from Sa Ky to Quang Ngai. . Next, take a car from Quang Ngai city to Chi stream according to Highway 624B. Travel distance is about 60-70km. 

How to move when traveling to Chi Quang Ngai stream

Where should I go to Chi Quang Ngai stream? 

What to play in Chi Quang Ngai stream ? Suoi Chi is part of the ecotourism development project of Quang Ngai province. Traveling to Chi stream, you will be immersed in the beautiful natural landscape and participate in many attractive games here. 

Fresh air of Chi stream

Chi Quang Ngai stream resort has a large area of ​​1000 ha with a fresh climate, you will enjoy each cool and gentle stream and the downstream area of ​​the stream is home to plants and animals. In that quiet space, you will be able to listen to the singing of birds singing or watch the primeval forest trees changing leaves, sprouting. 

Take photos of virtual life in Chi stream

Suoi Chi has a length of about 4km, is calculated from the headwaters to the confluence of the river Ve. Below the stream body, there are large and small waterfalls, each waterfall has a different flow to create melodious music, sometimes low and high, in the middle of the majestic natural forest. 

Have fun at Chi stream

In particular, the area at the foot of the waterfall in Chi stream has large rocks and deep pools with clear water like a swimming pool, you can relax and relax in a spring bath. In which, Jericho waterfall is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Chi stream with the height of about 4m and owns a large, beautiful swimming pool at the foot of the waterfall. 

Suoi Chi is an attractive destination for tourists

On the banks of the lakes are cliffs standing tall next to the old trees that shine the shadow on the lake surface creating a charming painting. Traveling to Chi Quang Ngai stream, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, bathe the stream, check-in beautiful virtual life, but also participate in exciting games such as boating, duck riding, zipline and enjoy delicious specialties at the place. here. 

Shooting camera fire at the Chi stream

Notes when traveling to Chi Quang Ngai stream

Traveling to Chi Quang Ngai stream, you should also note the following to have a safe, fun and experience trip:

  • Eating at Chi stream is mostly self-sufficient, so you should bring ready-made food to open a barbecue party by the stream such as sausages, barbecue, vegetables, drinks … Or choose food services. Drink at a restaurant made of bamboo or palm leaves that serves Quang Ngai specialties. 
  • Traveling to Chi stream usually comes back during the day, but if you want to stay overnight, you can choose the form of camping, renting a sleeping tent or you can stay at a resort in the resort. 
  • The terrain in Chi stream tourist area is quite dangerous, with rocky rocks so you should pay attention to travel carefully, observe the way to avoid tripping. 
  • Wear a life jacket when bathing in the lake, especially if you have children with you, take extreme care to avoid deep water holes that can easily fall. 
  • Tickets to visit Chi stream fluctuate around 200,000 VND for adults and 150,000 VND for children, including entertainment services. 

Quang Ngai tourism is not only Ly Son island, if you still do not know where to go and what to play in the hot summer days ahead, but the Chi Quang Ngai stream resort is also the number one destination for you. 

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