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Tra Su is ready to welcome spring

AN GIANG – Tra Su tourist area embellished the landscape, upgraded many products, exploited a number of new services to prepare for the spring of Tan Suu.

When the sky is bustling in love, the season is also when Tra Su is wearing a new, vibrant shirt. The most beautiful Melaleuca forest in Vietnam impresses with the vibrant flowers and the lush green color of young buds – a thousand buds preparing for an upcoming spring.

The painting of Tra Su seems to be revitalized by flowers, birds, insects, amphibian reptiles and plain products, which demonstrate the timeless beauty of Southern nature in the early spring.

According to the Management Board of Tra Su Tourist Area, just touching the New Year’s lane, this destination has attracted nearly 100,000 visitors to visit and experience. These days, when coming to Tra Su, visitors feel more and more clearly the breath of spring creeping in the cold scattered cold at the end of winter. The whole forest is like a melancholy song, the spring is lustful and fluttering in the midst of a thousand wings, spreading in the warm first rays of sunshine.

Tra Su is ready to welcome spring
Tra Su overseas bridge in early spring. Photo: Bao Ngoc .

Right from the edge of the forest, visitors will be greeted by an overseas bridge – an open and romantic space with hundreds of blooming flowers, shaded by flying flags, inviting visitors to visit.

In spring, the melaleuca flower blooms white flowers, radiating the scent of the whole forest. The crystal clear dewdrops remained on the petals, making “Blue Heaven flooded” more shimmering.

When the weather is warm, many migratory birds begin to return to the forest to multiply; shackles, bravely storks down the nest to find prey; Each fish playing on the water combined the hunting skills of the white stork flocks like passionate lovebirds wrapped together, creating a vivid picture.

Tet is also the time when Tra Su’s vegetation is diverse with flowers. This place seems to be washed again, freely free water duck, spreading endless green carpet on the water surface, making the landscape of Melaleuca forest change day by day.

Radiant flowers welcome Tra Su spring. Photo: Bao Ngoc .

Tra Su increasingly attracts customers

From the perspective of many visitors, through each check-in frame, the thousand-step bamboo bridge through the forest has become unique and sparkling like a sacred dragon flying around the forest, like welcoming a new year. much luck and success.

To add to the beauty of the mascot, the investor continues to let the artists decorate lanterns and miniatures along the dragon body to create a highlight for visitors to immerse themselves in one of the long works. most in Vietnam. Under the southern wind, bamboo dragons stand out in the special-use melaleuca forest. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Ecotourism Area will be one of the destinations where visitors can record many of the best photos in their spring travel journey.

The thousand-step bamboo bridge is decorated with many colors of flowers in the days bordering on Tet. Photo: Bao Ngoc .

To prepare well for the service and reception of guests, in the spring of 2021, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has invested 2 billion VND to embellish the landscape, upgrade products and services, put in exploit some new services. The 60 gables and canoes to transport guests have been carefully painted.

The welcoming gate area is prominently designed with a stylized golden buffalo symbol, giant green banh chung and red couplet for a peaceful, prosperous and prosperous New Year. All will be combined with various kinds of leaf decorations with harmonious colors, expressing the precious value of the sacred moment of the country transforming from the old year to the new year – full of aspirations for development. Connection – Sustainable “.

Tra Su decorated to celebrate the spring of Tan Suu 2021. Photo: Bao Ngoc .

New color covers Tra Su Melaleuca forest with a brighter and more vivid beauty, ready for spring day with seductive charm filled with living resin. In the chilly winds rushing back to the deep That Son mountain range, wandering around the southern road, visitors try once to immerse themselves in the vast sky and earth, vast stretch of Melaleuca forest, the common house of thousands. sky bird wings, to enjoy the fortune that nature bestows. This is also one of the ways of welcoming the new year with joy and saying goodbye to the old year with peace of mind.


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