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VinFast VF5 Operating Costs After Over 1,300 km: What One Owner Found

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as their operating costs are reported to be lower compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. However, what does it actually cost to operate an EV over long distances?

One VinFast VF5 owner shared his experience driving the compact electric SUV for a five-day, four-night trip from Ho Chi Minh City to multiple provinces in central Vietnam, covering a total distance of 1,317 km. By sharing his actual costs on a VinFast owner Facebook group, he provided valuable real-world data on EV operating expenses over long-haul driving.

For the 1,317 km trip, the total charging cost came to VND 587,661 (around USD 25). Charging was done using the standard charging cable supplied with the vehicle. The owner stopped to charge every 150-180 km for around 30 minutes to top up to 70-80% capacity, which he found optimal for balancing range and charging time.

In addition to charging costs, road tolls for the trip amounted to VND 617,700 (around USD 26). No modifications were done to the stock VF5 aside from the addition of a navigation app on an added display screen.

Comparing to operating a similar ICE vehicle, commenters noted the fuel costs would have been around 4 times more at VND 2 million (USD 86) for a car achieving 7L/100km fuel economy over the same distance.

The VF5 is priced in Vietnam from VND 458 million (around USD 20,000) and has a 37.23 kWh lithium-ion battery providing a rated range of 300 km per charge. The owner's experience suggests the real-world usable range may be closer to 150-180 km between 30-minute quick charges while travelling at highway speeds.

Overall, for a long 1,317 km multi-day road trip, the VF5 proved to have very low operating costs of just over USD 50 including charging and tolls. Regular gasoline vehicles would likely have incurred fuel bills 3-4 times higher, showcasing the potential savings of electric driving over long distances. While EVs may have higher upfront purchase prices, their lower fuel and maintenance costs can result in overall lower ownership expenses. Practical user experiences like this provide valuable data for drivers considering an EV transition.

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