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InfoK launches first dedicated electric vehicle website in Vietnam

InfoK, one of Vietnam's leading technology websites, has officially launched the country's first specialist online portal dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs). Based at, the new website aims to provide readers with the latest and most comprehensive information about EVs and the developing market in Vietnam.



With the global automotive industry undergoing a significant shift towards electrification, EVs are becoming increasingly popular options for both private consumers and businesses. Major car manufacturers around the world are dedicating large portions of their research and development budgets to electric models. At the same time, governments are implementing policies and regulations to encourage EV adoption as part of efforts to reduce emissions and curb fossil fuel use.

Vietnam has witnessed steady growth in its domestic EV market in recent years. However, comprehensive and reliable information in Vietnamese about models, technologies, pricing and the supporting charging infrastructure has been lacking. InfoK's new website seeks to fill this gap by being a one-stop-shop for all EV-related news and insights.

The site keeps an updated database of all EVs available internationally, with detailed specs and photos of each model. Readers can easily compare technical specifications such as battery range, performance statistics, charging times and key features between different automakers like BMW, BYD, Nissan, Volkswagen and more. Pricing information for the Vietnamese market will also be provided as new EVs are launched locally.

In addition to new vehicle profiles, the website covers broader industry developments through an array of original news stories, analyses and expert opinions. Users can stay on top of the latest EV announcements, manufacturing strategies, technology breakthroughs, policy updates and expansion of the charging network both within Vietnam and overseas. Promotional campaigns from brands and dealerships promoting EV adoption will also be publicized.

A community platform has been created within the site for open discussion. EV owners can share ownership reviews and experiences, while those considering an electric car can crowdsource trusted recommendations and advice. The portal aims to be a knowledge hub where automotive and tech enthusiasts can engage in conversation around sustainable mobility solutions.

Through its comprehensive approach, InfoK's electric vehicle website hopes to accelerate the mass adoption of EVs across Vietnam. By publishing informative, credible and locally relevant content, the platform intends to guide more consumers towards considering electric cars as viable options for their transportation needs both today and into the future.

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