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Technical issue on March 5th 2024 caused Facebook and Instagram to temporarily shut down

Around 10pm on March 5th 2024, billions of users worldwide were unable to access the two largest social media platforms Facebook and Instagram due to a technical issue. 

According to statistics from the outage tracking website Down Detector, the number of Facebook users reporting connection errors reached over 125,000 hits around 10:34pm the same day. Many people said they could not access their accounts, post or send messages on the two platforms.


Amid this situation, many shifted to using other social networks like Twitter, Telegram to share information and request assistance. However, as of now, there has been no official communication from Facebook regarding the cause and resolution plan for this issue.

On Twitter, #FacebookDown became the most discussed topic. Many people worried about the disruption, considering this the most severe outage Facebook has experienced in 2024.

It is hoped that Facebook will soon provide an official response and fully resolve the issue to ensure the rights and experience of billions of users worldwide.

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