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VN’s Civil Aviation Authority asks mandatory health declarations before boarding

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) ordered all airline companies must be responsible for organizing mandatory health declarations before boarding a flight.As per the guidelines by CAAV, passenger will be required to certify the status of their health by filling a self-declaration form before boarding a flight as a preventative measure against Covid-19. The request was released prior the national holidays and summer season.
Moreover, in addition to the application of increased preventative measures against Covid-19 in airports to curb the spread to community, CAAV ordered airline companies to strictly adhere to the guideline in asking passengers to fill health declaration forms. Specifically, airlines are responsible for notifying and instructing passengers to make e-health declarations. The need to fill in an e-health declaration before flights must be notified on the speakers’ system or notification screens at airports. Any passenger refusing to complete the form should not be allowed to board the flight. Airlines will be held accountable if any passenger fly without health declarations. Airlines must arrange their staffs at the security screening checkpoints to instruct passengers and work with airport authorities to nationwide to inform passengers of the mandatory declaration through passenger information systems, posters and panels at easy-to-see places in airports.

By Minh Anh - Translated by Anh Quan

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