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Safety, efficiency take top priority

PC Quang Ninh manages and operates 825.327km of 110kV transmission lines, 19 110kV transformer stations with a total capacity of 3,564MVA, 5,221 distribution transformer stations with a total capacity of 2,066.4MVA, and 14,207km of medium and low voltage lines and underground cables.

The company has increased equipment for safety and fire prevention, strengthened safety training, periodical and surprise inspections, and promptly corrected work process mistakes. OSH teams were formed for specific production workshops and groups.

Ceremony responding to the Action Month for Occupational Safety and Hygiene

PC Quang Ninh implements various initiatives and solutions for occupational safety and hygiene, and fire prevention and treatment. The company built and realized plans for the recently held Action Month on Occupational Safety and Hygiene, including those for COVID-19 control, improvement of workers’ OSH awareness and law observance, and occupational accident and disease control.

The company directs functional departments and affiliated units to strengthen field inspections, and control work on the grid by taking and uploading pictures to Google Drive and ECP V3.0 software. All grid-based performances, which increased yearly, were checked and controlled by safety officers and managers at all levels. Specifically, 252,813 working sessions on the grid, 23,787 field records, and 120,519 construction plans and safety measures were all reviewed and controlled by managers and safety officers at all levels in accordance with regulations and approved plans, while 319 devices and equipment with strict safety requirements were fully tested on an annual basis.

PC Quang Ninh strengthens safety training and forms occupational safety and hygiene teams for specific production workshops and groups

PC Quang Ninh has adopted policies to encourage collectives and individuals to create and apply technical innovation initiatives, contributing to the formation of extensive role-model campaigns throughout the company. Thirty-two initiatives have been put into application, helping improve working conditions and occupational safety management. The company has not recorded any occupational accidents in recent years.

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