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Dong Nai Province helps industrial producers apply advanced machinery

In 2022, the center is expected to help 14 facilities apply advanced machinery and equipment to industrial and handicraft production, and hire consultants to set up investment and marketing projects; improve production, financial, accounting and human resources management and product design and packaging. The center will implement and strengthen trade promotion, market development and rural industrial product promotion. It is expected to create an operational quality breakthrough and greatly help rural industrial producers recover and reach long-term sustainable development in the post-pandemic period.

Application of innovative technology helps businesses develop on a sustainable basis and in an environmentally friendly manner

The center has been supporting the application of advanced machinery and equipment for years, with funding for this activity accounting for about 30 percent of the southeastern province’s annual industry promotion budget.

The center attaches much importance to assessment of advanced machinery and equipment application projects in terms of their feasibility and contributions to employment, worker income and safety, and environmental protection. All equipment and machinery funded by industry promotion projects are brand new.

In 2021, the fourth outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic severely affected industrial production. Many establishments had to downsize production and saw sales drop. Only one of the five establishments chosen to benefit from industry promotion assistance for advanced equipment and machinery had its project approved and realized last year, with the remaining projects delayed to 2022.

In 2022, the center will review and evaluate the implementation of industry promotion regulations and laws, specifically those governing advanced machinery and equipment application, to provide relevant authorities with advice on amending and supplementing them if necessary in order to pave the way for rural producers to benefit from industry promotion policies.

The provincial industry promotion sector will build databases of advanced machinery and equipment, and encourage application of innovative technology to help businesses develop on a sustainable basis and in an environmentally friendly manner. The sector will also help household businesses access assistance for advanced machinery and equipment application.

Almost 10,000 rural industrial production facilities in Dong Nai Province have been contributing to the provincial industry and trade sector’s recovery.

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