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Hoa Binh promotes rural industries

Hoa Binh’s industry promotion sector has been providing significant help to rural industrial producers to maintain production stability and take advantage of market opportunities in the post-COVID-19 period. In 2020 and 2021, the provincial industry promotion center implemented national and local industry promotion projects with a total financial assistance of more than VND5.211 billion. Completed projects have helped rural manufacturers improve production capacity and product quality.

Strengthening support to help rural industrial establishments develop production

However, most of the rural industrial establishments in the province are small in production scale and limited in capital, using old and inefficient technology and equipment while facing marketing difficulties, especially access to foreign markets. These establishments also have limited management and administration capacity and their workforce does not satisfy the requirements of industrial production, all factors significantly affecting the efficiency of industry promotion in the province.

The center has introduced solutions to strengthen and improve industry promotion activities, including stimulation of industry promotion training; assistance for rural industrial enterprises to apply advanced technology and machinery; implementation of 3-5-year industry promotion projects to help businesses develop on a sustainable basis; and a combination of industry promotion with trade and market approach stimulation through domestic and foreign trade fairs and exhibitions. The center has proposed that the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade provide more annual funding for local industry promotion.

In the second half of 2022, the Industry Promotion Center of Hoa Binh Province will implement effective solutions, focus on key tasks and strive to reach its annual targets.

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