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Ministry facilitates rural industrial development

A letter signed by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Sinh Nhat Tan asks provinces and cities to review, amend, supplement and improve their industry promotion regulations, prepare local industry promotion programs for 2023 to 2025, develop technical and economic standards for industry promotion activities, create favorable conditions for local departments of industry and trade to help local people’s committees perform state management of industry promotion, and strengthen the inspection, supervision and evaluation of industry promotion activities.

Helping rural industrial establishments recover and develop production and trading in the post-COVID-19 period is a task of departments of industry and trade

According to the official letter, departments of industry and trade must ensure efficient, on-time implementation of their 2022 national and local industry promotion plans, help rural industrial establishments recover and develop production and trading in the post-COVID-19 period, ensure that industry promotion assistance helps beneficiaries bring into full play their resources and capacity to develop outstanding rural industrial products, and build key industry promotion projects. The departments are also directed to strengthen and improve organizational mechanisms, operational models, infrastructure development and machinery and equipment procurement, and promote the development of district and commune-level industry promotion collaborators to help rural industrial establishments learn about industry promotion policies.

Other important tasks assigned by the deputy minister include increasing local capital for industry promotion, harmonization of local and national capital for industry promotion, and attraction of more rural industrial establishments and enterprises to industry promotion funding.

The letter praised the industry promotion sector for supporting rural industrial enterprises and establishments over the past two years in overcoming difficulties and restore production and trading. The ministerial letter is expected to not only help provinces and cities accomplish their 2022 industry promotion plans but also solve specific problems in the field.

However, a number of problems remain. Industry promotion collaborator networks have not yet been formed in numerous localities, while local budget for industry promotion remains modest, and industry promotion projects have not yet attracted sufficient resources for production development in rural areas.

The Agency for Regional Industry and Trade recently issued guidelines for provincial and city people's committees on preparing their 2023 industry promotion plans. These are to focus on support for constructing new technology demonstration models, new products, technology transfers, human resources development, management capacity improvement, helping rural industrial establishments recover and develop in the post-pandemic period, and improving the capacity to organize and implement industry promotion activities.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked localities to mount strenuous efforts in order to ensure efficient, on-time industry promotion operations.

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