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National product recognition improves customer trust

For example, macadamia nuts from Son La Province were certified as a national-level outstanding rural industrial product in 2021. The nuts, dried in greenhouses with clean heat and then preserved in cold storages by the Dat Thuy Co., Ltd in Coi Noi Commune of the province’s Mai Son District, are being widely distributed through major agents in the capital Hanoi, and Hai Phong and Hai Duong cities, among other localities.

Macadamia nuts production

The company’s director, Duong Van Dat, said outstanding rural industrial product certification and national recognition have helped increase the company’s prestige and customer trust while encouraging Dat Thuy to continually improve product quality.

Although it remains modest the industry promotion funding encouraged the company to apply new technology and improve product quality, director Dat said.

Along with industry promotion assistance, provincial businesses access significant support from the province’s Department of Industry and Trade, especially in the field of product advertising and supply-demand connection, which enables them to join trade fairs and exhibitions inside and outside Vietnam, sell products on e-commerce platforms, and participate in online trade exchanges.

However, Dat said he believes that offline meetings are more efficient for farm produce supply-demand connection and trade promotion, explaining that partners usually want to check product quality directly before signing a contract. He proposed that relevant authorities facilitate offline and direct trade promotion and provide rich market information to help businesses find partners.

Inadequate, poor technical infrastructure and lack of qualified human resources are hindering rural industrial enterprises, including Dat Thuy, from increasing their e-commerce involvement, requiring authorities’ help to ease this problem and find new business opportunities.

The company is planning to expand its raw material growing area and access new markets. Dat Thuy has joined the provincial macadamia production chain to ensure high quality raw materials and officially export products to large markets.

Son La Province is home to about 100 hectares of mature macadamia plants that have not met the needs of processing factories in the province. In 2021, Dat Thuy bought 20 tonnes of dried macadamia from the Central Highlands for production.

Dried macadamia nuts of the Dat Thuy Co., Ltd were one of four products of Son La Province certified as national-level outstanding rural industrial products in 2021.

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