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Swallow’s nest, coffee and other Khanh Hoa products vie for recognition

The 10 provincial candidates are high quality, environmentally friendly and competitive products that are mainly made of local materials. They include the Ocean Blue roasted coffee of the Me Trang Coffee Joint Stock Company, the swallow's nest product of the FLY Swallow Nest Co., Ltd, and the Thuan grilled fish, all of which were recognized as national-level outstanding rural industrial products in 2019, yielding high revenues, capturing a big market share and produced by labor-intensive establishments.

The province’s industry promotion sector has been doing a good job in honoring and promoting notable rural industrial products while supporting businesses and units with outstanding products to obtain production expansion and market connection certificates.

Honoring Khanh Hoa Province’s outstanding rural industrial products in 2021

Producers of the 32 provincial-level outstanding rural industrial products recognized in 2021 are prioritized to access national and local industry promotion funding and eligible for other state investment incentives, and can introduce their products on electronic publications and newsletters of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

According to the Khanh Hoa Province People's Committee, honoring and promoting outstanding rural industrial products offers an opportunity for rural industrial producers to develop business connectivity, expand markets, gain management experience and improve competitiveness. It also encourages businesses to develop and improve design and technology, lower product costs, expand production scale, and create products of a high economic value for the domestic and export markets.

The Covid-19 pandemic has decreased the number of participants in the outstanding rural industrial product competitions and undermined product quality.

The Khanh Hoa Province People's Committee proposed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade provide guidelines on the national industry promotion policy for establishments with regional-level and national-level outstanding rural industrial products, and help them develop trade promotion and participate in domestic and foreign trade fairs and exhibitions.

Khanh Hoa Province increases its industry promotion budget annually to help businesses and establishments with provincial-level outstanding rural industrial products further improve equipment, technology, productivity and product quality.

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