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Vinacomin-Mao Khe Coal Company interested in environmental protection

The Vinacomin-Mao Khe Coal Company complies strictly with environmental protection regulations

Response to occupational health, safety

The Vinacomin-Mao Khe Coal Company has established a steering committee for the Action Month on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Workers Month 2022. The committee has strengthened information dissemination, reviewed regulations and added technical measures to ensure labor safety, and evaluated risks in using machinery, equipment and tools. In addition, the committee has launched role-model campaigns in each unit, carried out OHS training and organized inspection teams to cross-check on OHS, while visiting and encouraging victims of work accidents and serious disease.

Improving environmental health

The Vinacomin-Mao Khe Coal Company has established a steering committee for environmental sanitation, directing production units to regularly inspect and sanitize the environment. The company has also ensured strict compliance with the regulations on collection and management of industrial waste.

The company has collected and classified hazardous waste at the source and then stored it separately in warehouses at production units. The company has signed a contract with the Vinacomin-Environment Company Limited to collect, transport, treat and destroy hazardous waste in accordance with regulations. It has also signed a contract with the Hai Yen Company Ltd. to collect and treat other waste in accordance with regulations. The company has used excavated soil and rock to level the surface of subsidence areas during the project implementation process, transporting the rest to the company’s dumps.

In particular, the company has invested in building five wastewater treatment stations, including two underground ones with total capacity of 3,000cu.m per hour and three domestic wastewater treatment stations with total capacity of 555cu.m per day. Before being discharged into the surrounding environment, all wastewater generated in production is collected and treated.

Coal mining inevitably produces dust that pollutes the environment. To minimize dust generated in coal processing and screening areas, open-pit mines and dumps, the company has installed misting systems and anti-dust nets. In addition, the company has invested in tank trucks to spray water against dust in internal roads.

Since 2019, the company has invested more than VND70 billion in environmental protection in production areas. The company has planted trees to restore the environment of waste dumps and renovate the landscape of production areas. In addition, it has built water drainage works to deal with flooding. Dams to handle flooding and embankments on both sides of the Binh Minh stream were built, contributing to the safety of people living in downstream areas.

The company will continue to invest in building and renovating warehouses, installing high-voltage lighting systems and planting trees to renovate the landscape of production areas.

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