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Find the Pal Sol steppe, a nomadic paradise in the sunny and windy highlands

The Pasol steppe with vast green grass hills, where cows graze, mountains and hills stretching as far as the eye can see with the shrub savanna will be the ideal paradise for you to enter the nomadic journey in the middle of the ocean. thousand. 

Pal Sol steppe in Dak Lak is one of the attractive destinations in the eyes of trekking enthusiasts. This is a great dream place to let your soul wander along the fresh green grasslands, beautiful trails, or magical wild mountains. Coming to Pal Sol, you will see that in addition to coffee, gong culture, or peaceful villages, there is also an enchanting Dak Lak with a vast green steppe that attracts the eye.

Pal Sol steppe, the enchanting destination of the great land of Dak Lak. Photo: ninguyen

Release your soul between the immense sun and wind and the Pal Sol steppe in Dak Lak

Pal Sol steppe is one of the recent emerging destinations in the Central Highlands, this location is located in the border area of ​​Dak Lak and Gia Lai provinces, most of which are in the area of ​​Ea Hleo district, Dak province. Lak. The beauty of this steppe can be compared to Ta Nang Phan Dung, one of the most attractive destinations in the eyes of trekking enthusiasts. 

Pal Sol beckoned by the mesmerizing blue color. Photo: langtu

To come to the Pal Sol steppe, you can choose to trek or ride a motorbike, but most visitors will choose trekking to just experience. while enjoying the full view of this place. To conquer the trekking arc through the Pal Sol steppe, you will pass the typical slopes of the Central Highlands, through the dipterocarp forest and the small sunny and windy trails. However, in return, after a long trekking journey, it will be a dream scene that makes your soul feel like it is wide open by the fresh green steppe nestled between the vast mountains. The hills are covered with the green of the grasslands as far as the eye can see The scenery makes you think of the vast green steppes of Mongolia, both wild and majestic.

Find the Pal Sol steppe, a nomadic paradise in the sunny and windy highlands
In the middle of a vast and majestic region, there is a beautiful green steppe. Photo: ninguyen

The path leads between the green grass slopes. Photo: Nguyen Duc Linh

The grass in Pal Sol grows thick, green and taller than the hills. Photo: Yen Nhi

If you come to Pal Sol in the spring and summer, you will be greeted with a different scene of yellowed grass and scorched patches that are starting to sprout green shoots. The wild and dreamy beauty of this steppe makes anyone who has the opportunity to admire it, suddenly feel a sense of relief and peace, like a way to fully blend in between nature, heaven and earth. 

Pal Sol in the burning season is still very beautiful. Photo: Viet Dynamic

The journey to discover the Pal Sol steppe will take you to great emotions, crossing small trails among the vast green grasslands, the majestic U Bo, the clear blue lake among the grass. Green creates a scene that is both romantic and poetic. The most special is the beautiful sunset scene in the middle of the vast steppe, the sunset in the Pal Sol steppe always leaves a deep impression on anyone who has ever had the opportunity to admire or camp nights. In the magical plateau under the starry sky, the quiet space can hear the sound of insects, the sound of thousands of wind.

The night in the steppe is fresh and charming. Photo: Viet Dynamic

The dawn in Pal Sol steppe is also a beautiful scene with gentle breezes, the sun glimmers with bright rays of morning sunlight shining down on the green steppe. In particular, if you are lucky, you can also admire the moment when both the sun, the moon and the morning stars are present in the sky at the same time.

Very beautiful sunrise in Pal Sol. Photo: ST

Pal Sol steppe check-in experience you should know 

Time of discovery 

Traveling to the Pal Sol steppe at any season of the year, you will enjoy a unique charm. However, if you want to enjoy the scenery of the green steppe spreading as far as the eye can see, you should go from about June to October, this is the time when the grass in the grassland is the greenest. If you go around the end of December to March, the grass in the prairie will turn to a burning yellow, also very attractive but definitely not as beautiful as when the grass is green. 

You should go to Pal Sol from June to October if you want to see the green grass. Photo: Nguyen Duc Linh


Since the Pal Sol grassland is located relatively far from the center bordering Gia Lai, you need to plan carefully to enjoy a trip to the fullest. The Pal Sol steppe area is managed by the SFE, so to experience trekking or camping, you need to get permission from the SFE. Ideally, you should choose short trekking tours here for guidance and have the necessary items ready. Personal luggage should be minimal and compact to comfortably move. Please bring sunscreen, insect repellent to use when trekking. 

Luggage when trekking Pal Sol should be lightweight for comfortable movement. Photo: ninguyen


From Dak Lak bus station, you can take the bus to Eahleo district, if you have signed up for the Pal Sol steppe tour , you will usually be picked up by the person of the service provider. If you go by yourself, you move to the territory of Ea Sol commune, when approaching the commune committee, ask for directions to Pal Sol hill, people will guide you. 

The trekking route to conquer the Pal Sol steppe is very attractive and not at all heavy according to the assessment of the traveling believers, but the beauty is absolutely not inferior to the Ta Nang – Phan Dung palace. If you have the opportunity to come to Dals Laks, you should come to this windy green steppe to have a lot of wonderful experiences, the picturesque beauty and peace of mind of this place will surely make you passion never leaves step  

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