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Virtual living at Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street

Visiting Dak Lak, going through many places, admiring the beautiful scenery but not yet setting foot on Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street is a very big mistake already.

About Buon Ma Thuot coffee street

Stretching 100m from Alley 2, Phan Chu Trinh Street (right behind Chinh To Church) to Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Thang Loi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City Center, Dak Lak Province is a beautiful coffee-book street. make people “collapse”.

Famous book street since opening (Photo @ 1m53_)

It is known that this road was started construction from December 2018 and on March 9, 2019, during the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, it was officially opened.

Today, Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street is not only a familiar destination for book lovers but also an ideal place for entertainment and relaxation after hard working days.

What’s so attractive about Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street?

1. The space is bold in the Central Highlands

If Nguyen Van Binh’s book street in Saigon is designed with a very “Western” style and youthful, bright with vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, green …, Hanoi Book Street will impress the With the tiled roof house like the old Vietnamese village, the book road in Buon Ma Thuot gives visitors a forest-filled space with stilt houses, long brown wooden houses in succession.

There are long houses “specialty” of the Central Highlands (Photo @bear_soai)

In addition, the space above is characterized by countless umbrellas, beautiful small cones and bamboo wind chimes, not only making the space more attractive, but every time the breeze comes. on the amusing and comforting sounds, everyone became strangely peaceful.

Virtual living at Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street
Bamboo wind chimes accent the road (Photo @andrestgt)

Some shops even hang yellow corns on the ceiling, making us feel like we are lost in the peaceful and charming space of ethnic villages right in the busy city center.

The space is like a simple house of ethnic people (Photo @thong_ky_cuc)

2. All kinds of beautiful virtual life scallops

Like many other book streets, Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street offers visitors countless virtual corners that you can not take all day here, such as: wooden pillars enough colors of famous landmarks in Dak Lak, the unique design of shops, bright red wooden “skylights”, “Ban Me” milestones next to the ancient scenery of the train tracks or 3D scenes strange …

A pillar of places of all colors (Photo @ bobochacha168)
3D train track (Photo @ebinshous)

However, the most collecting point of the virtual living saints is 19 mural paintings recreating the unique cultural life of the Ede people, typical coffee production activities of the thousand and the beautiful landscapes of Dak. Lak …

Impressive murals (Photo @ jang.ha.na)

In particular, these paintings have the main color tones of bright yellow or warm orange, and are harmonized with bright colors such as pink, red, blue, green … so If you look at it, you will feel like you are standing in the nostalgic old town of Hoi An.

Warm orange-yellow cardboard wall (Photo @ Photo @jj_hwen)
Vibrant, bright yellow (Photo @oanhh_cao)

Moreover, the interesting thing is that the murals in Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street are also changed over time and by each topic, so no matter how many times you go here, there is no feeling of boredom or boredom. I’m afraid of the lack of check-in place.

3. Diverse books

Because it is a book street, it will be really flawed if you come here without experiencing the feeling of reading in a peaceful, quiet space. Although there are not too many bookstores and book stores like many other streets, the coffee book street in Buon Ma Thuot still has a full range of books: literature, art, science, children’s books. to famous novels from home and abroad …

Book space is very diverse (Photo @an_bae__)

Even if you want to look for early old books or books that are no longer published, there are all here. So, surely, the reading experience here will not disappoint you.

4. Lots of cafes

Not simply a place to read books, but as its name suggests, when coming to Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street , visitors can also admire a lot of cafes in different styles, bringing to different charms.

The cafes are designed differently (Photo @nguyngaa)

Moreover, the highlight here is the coffee cups, although they are of a variety of types, have an extremely rich flavor and taste, with a sore nose, making visitors instantly conquered from the first try. first.

Everyone who comes here must make a cup of coffee (Photo @thuynhutranhuynh)

If you do not like drinking coffee, it is okay, because the restaurant also serves a variety of other attractive drinks such as smoothies, fruit juices or teas … more.

5. Provide many interesting activities

Not only relax with warm cups of coffee or good books, but when people visit Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street in the evening, they can also enjoy the singers’ super good live performances. Music stage, even if you can register for the performances yourself, is too interesting, isn’t it?

There are music for entertainment (Photo @ thuy_ann_95)

The little ones who come here are not afraid of being bored because there are always interesting games such as: painting, motivational sand, eatery, learning to make curry or horse products and recycled wood. .aquí.

In particular, at this coffee book street in Dak Lak, it is sometimes also a place to organize interesting programs such as: Country market to town, Library of the village, New Year Market, Country Fair or Green Market international … specializes in selling green, environment-friendly products, made from the skillful hands of gentle ethnic girls.

Exciting fairs (Photo @vulici)

This is not only an opportunity to create opportunities for young people to start businesses, promote local products, but also connect people together, become closer and more intimate.

In addition, the money saved after the markets will be bought to buy books to donate to children in remote and disadvantaged areas who do not have books to study. How meaningful that is.

Well, before returning, do not forget to buy souvenirs typical of ethnic people such as rattan basket, brocade and wooden objects or beautiful plant pots … to make gifts for you. friends and relatives. Certainly, with its sophistication and originality, everyone will love it.

Beautiful bonsai pots (Photo @xengvan)

If you want to find a gentle and artistic relaxing space right in the heart of busy Mountain Street, Buon Ma Thuot coffee book street is an extremely ideal choice.

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