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Review The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan: the ultimate virtual living mecca

Does the hustle and bustle of everyday life make you suffocated? If yes, then a good solution is to find a place with sea, mountains, full of sunshine and wind like Phan Thiet to “F5” back to the soul. The following The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan review will provide you with a place that meets the above conditions.

About The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan

Review The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan The first thing you should know is the location. This place is located on Xuan Thuy street, right on Hon Rom, close to Mui Ne beach. The model of The Happy Ride Glamping is designed to combine the check-in area, camping, cafe dining. Due to its “golden” location, this place has quickly become a frequent destination for young people. 

(Photo: iamgati_1003)
Review The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan: the ultimate virtual living mecca
Colorful space 

Besides the famous tourist spots, Mui Ne also has some interesting little corners that not everyone knows about. And  The Happy Ride Glamping is the typical name. Not a large-scale tourist area, nor a high-class resort, but this place still has its own attractions. 

(Photo: Tuyenpham_nails_eyelash)
(Photo: bella.wanderlust1127)
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Ticket price to The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan

Review The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan will never forget to mention the ticket price. It is known that the entrance fee will be 50k including entrance ticket, a snack or a drink for one person. 

Ticket price here is only 50k

Review The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan – irresistible beauty 

Going to  The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan , you feel like you are lost in Dalat, or it is a certain village in the beautiful country of Greece. The space here is full of sand and wind, visitors will be immersed in nature, but their bare feet on the sand to feel the softness of the sea. 

The scene is like being in the Mediterranean
There are seas and mountains here 

The Happy Ride Glamping is decorated with very trendy, youthful and modern miniatures such as windmills, swings, tents, wood, etc. The tent scene here gives visitors many great impressions. 

(Photo: sea_777)
The car is the background that young people check in a lot 

Check-in corner at The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan

Purple wall 

The beautiful check-in corners are one of the reviews of The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan that many people are interested in. First of all, the purple wall is inspired by a computer keyboard. In front of the giant keyboard will be a place for visitors to relax and live virtual. 

Purple wall

Range of camping tents 

If you are a lover of unspoiled beauty, you can go to the Luu Du Luc area. In the sunny and windy space of Mui Ne beach, those tents become more harmonious than ever. Around the tent, there is white sand, golden sunshine, and flowering cactus bushes. Inside the tent, there are items to help you live a very beautiful virtual life. 

Camping hut 

Especially at  The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan campsite, there is a car decorated in vintage style with the main blue and white color. Inside the car, there are dried flowers, pictures, curtains, cushions, … creating a beautiful virtual background like professional studios. 

The inside of the car is very nicely decorated

Happy restaurant 

The happiness restaurant at The Happy Ride Glamping is the destination that many young people come to show off the most. It’s just a simple wooden house, dotted with a small flower trellis and beautiful little chairs when it is very prominent in the picture. Who doesn’t love it while having beautiful photos and enjoying delicious food? 

Happy Restaurant
Take a picture so pretty

Other check-in corners 

In addition to the check-in corners mentioned above, at The Happy Ride Glamping, there are many other miniatures to serve the virtual living. These can be mentioned: giant radios, windmills, piles of straw, … Although they are different in design, those virtual living corners also have fresh and vibrant colors. 

This angle is also very beautiful
(Photo: thanhthao)
Colorful stairs
The famous bubble tent

Homestay in The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan

For guests who stay overnight and choose homestays as accommodation, you will have a very sweet resting space standard Korean style. With the main pastel colors such as: white, light blue, light pink, light orange, … combined with lovely and sweet accessories, the bedroom will be a comfortable place for you to lay your back. 

Very lovely homestay

Exciting experience at The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan

Reviewing The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan but forgetting to mention the experiences here is a big mistake. Each tent here is designed in its own style, you can choose a tent instead of a familiar air-conditioned room is also an experience to try. The space in the tent is spacious and airy, decorated with unique wall paintings. At that time, you will have the feeling of being in Bali. 

Lovely camping hut

The location of The Happy Ride Glamping campsite is also very convenient when it takes only 5 minutes to walk to the sea. You can rent a car to enjoy the beautiful roads in Mui Ne. 

(Photo: aries_duong)

After reading the review of The Happy Ride Glamping Binh Thuan, what are you waiting for, do not plan to come here to enjoy virtual life, organize a party in that wonderful setting? Surely the Phan Thiet travel photo album at this coordinate will be extremely brilliant. 

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